Zephyr Ultra Shine Signature Series Polishing Kit

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Zephyr Ultra Shine Signature Series Polishing Kit

Item Number:  324062

Price: $108.99

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Give your truck the ultimate shine! Tested and designed for high performance forged wheels, as well as aluminum tanks and standard wheels.

Kit Includes:
  • Signature Series buffing wheels and rouge bars
  • 10" Kwik Kut orange/yellow buffing wheel
  • 10" Smooth Kut green/purple buffing wheel
  • 10" White domet flannel buffing wheel
  • Brown Tripoli polishing rouge
  • Green Moss polishing rouge
  • Blue Moon polishing rouge
  • 2" Tapered goblet for hard to reach places
  • Safety flanges for buffing wheels
  • Zephyr PRO25 Signature Series Easy Kut metal polish, formulted for softer metals including chrome