Spinner II 25 Oil Cleaning Centrifuge for Pickups

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Spinner II 25 Oil Cleaning Centrifuge for Pickups

Item Number:  154022

Price: $452.99

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Spinner II model 25 is a heavy-duty oil cleaner for all diesel pickup trucks. Protect your engine against premature wear. Spinner II systems remove contaminants of all sizes - including soot and other solids as small as one-tenth of a micron! Provides bypass filtration, diverting a small side stream of oil (approximately 0.8 gpm or 3 lpm by volume), cleaning it thoroughly and returning it to the crankcase. The key is a powerful, high-efficiency oil cleaning centrifuge. It generates centrifugal force 2,000 times greater than gravity - literally slinging solid contaminates from the oil and depositing them in a cleanable, reusable bowl. Holds up to 250 cc of contaminants.

NOTE: Mounting bracket, hoses, clamps and fittings not included. See Installation Instructions for more details.