ScanGauge KR Monitor and Digital Gauge

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ScanGauge KR Monitor and Digital Gauge

Item Number:  257631

Price: $199.99

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Monitor, measure, track and diagnose with ScanGauge KR. 4 programs to help you get to know your vehicle better. Installs with a 6-pin or 9-pin diagnostic plug, located under the dash. 3 year warranty.
  • Digital Gauges: Monitor fuel economy, fuel rate, oil pressure, speedometer, tachometer (RPM), manifold and boost pressure, instantaneous horsepower, battery voltage, coolant temperature, intake air temp, MPG, GPH, MPH, transmission fluid temp, engine load, throttle position. Exclusive programmable X-GAUGE allows customization by adding vehicle specific gauges.
  • Performance Monitor: Measure the performance of your vehicle. Record speed and distance, determine 0 to 60 time, measure braking performance, save and recall performance runs.
  • Trip Computers: Track 5 sets of trip data. Fuel economy, fuel used, max coolant temp, distance, max RPM, drive time, max speed, average speed, distance to empty, fuel to empty.
  • Scan Tool: Diagnose and clear trouble codes. Reads active, inactive and pending codes. Shows vehicle conditions when trouble was detected.

    For use on all vehicles. Includes plug for older and newer trucks.