Ringless Fifth Wheel Lube Plate

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Ringless Fifth Wheel Lube Plate

Item Number:  289607

Price: $24.99

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Ringless design is easier to install and is more secure. Tighter I.D. for a more consistent installation, even on older king pins. No need for steel retaining clip. Silicone additive offers additional lubrication. Curl resistant polymer prevents the disk from sagging once installed, reducing the chance of disk damage during hookups.

Intended for use on trailers with a standard 0.2875" diameter king pin that is not worn or undersized. Driver should always verify a successful lock between 5th wheel and king pin prior to any trip.

New design has eliminated the need for the steel retaining clip by introducing 4 solid yet flexible "teeth" that are die cut directly into the plastic.

32" diameter, 5 lbs.

Sold individually.