Magnastop Tandem Plug Trailer Axle Stop Device

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Magnastop Tandem Plug Trailer Axle Stop Device

Item Number:  344345

Price: $49.99

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Save time and get going! No more multiple trips from cab to trailer axle to slide tandems. Magnastop is the premium choice trailer axle device. Magnet insert in rubberface holds Magnastop in place while sliding tandem axle to the exact spot you need it. No need for a spotter, and no more multiple trips to check position. Magnstop allows you to easily balance weight between drive and trailer axles for a smoother ride, and place trailer axle on the 41-foot mark easily on the first try. High strength solid steel shaft fits both 1-1/2" and 1-3/4" frame rail holes. Made in the USA. Sold individually.