3-Pulse LED Strobe Flasher

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3-Pulse LED Strobe Flasher

Item Number:  191594

Price: $20.99

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Turn any LED light into a strobe light! This strobe flasher device makes regular LED lights into a 3-pulse strobe. Perfect for heavy haulers or for those wanting to add a little extra flash at truck shows. Device comes wired with a specialty plug that is easily removable, making this unit work for a variety of applications. 12 gauge wire. Two wires connect to the lights and two wires connect to the power supply. One device powers up to four oval or four 4" lights, or up to six 2" lights. Maximum current draw 0.04 AMP.

"IN" red/black wire 18"L
"OUT" black/white wire 59"L, 2" between plugs

NOTE: If using the light as a full time strobe, simply wire this strobe flasher unit into the wiring harness. If using the light as part-time strobe, wire this strobe flasher unit to a switch instead. It is best to consult a professional before installing to prevent overloading issues.

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