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Other Cleaning Supplies

For those who drive big rigs, a clean cab is a key to being comfortable. Keeping your truck looking good is also essential to your image, both personal and professional. Whether you own the rig or not, the care you take with your truck reflects on the company. Come to Iowa 80 for semi truck cleaning supplies to help you maintain a sparkling vehicle.

Cleaning Cloths

Whether they are for dusting or polishing, the cloth you use is important. Soft materials are less likely to scratch the paint; use them to remove dust before washing. Cleaning cloths we carry include the following:

  • Microfiber window mops
  • Microfiber window towels
  • Dash dusters
  • Terry towels
  • Drying towels
  • Wash pads

A leather chamois or drying towel can remove water and prevent spots on your exterior. Keeping a long-handled duster handy can help you quickly remove dust on the hood and stay ahead of dust bunnies in the cab, too.

Convenience in a Can

Cleaning semi truck messes is a snap when you use cleaning wipes that come ready-to-go right out of the container. ArmorAll makes cleaners for glass and multiple surfaces, as well as finishing wipes for applying protectant to dashes and more. For bigger messes, stash a container of Tub O’ Towels in your cab. They’ll help you clean up spills quickly.

Detail Work

Your truck can pick up some messy things on the road, including grease, oil and tar. Multipurpose steel wool pads offer gentle abrasiveness to help you remove grit and grime, which also buffing and polishing. Make your chrome shine with polishing towels and detail your wheels with a microfiber pad that won’t scratch.

Whether you prefer an old-fashioned bucket of soapy water and a sponge or the convenience of all-in-one wipes, you can find the best cleaning supplies for semis at Iowa 80. Browse our selection for help maintaining a clean driving environment and stay comfortable on long hauls.

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