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  1. Three-Hole Hub Adapter
    Three-Hole Hub Adapter
    Item: 223054
    $53.99 - $133.99
    KW 3/2001-2003, 40 Spline
    KW 4/1997-3/2001, 36 Spline
    Mack 1950 and Newer, 1in Shaft Size
    Mack 5/2001 and Newer with stability control
    PB 1986-5/1993, Adjustable Column
    PB 2006-2013
    PB 4/1998-2005
    PB 5/1993-4/1998, Adjustable Column
    PB COE 1973-4/1998, Fixed Column
    PB Conventional 1975-4/1998, Fixed Column
    Volvo 36 Spline, Adjustable Column
    Volvo FH 1995-2002
    Volvo VN Single Horn, 43 Spline
    WS 10/1998-2012, Adjustable Column
    WS 1986-9/1998, Adjustable Column
    WS 2013 and Newer, Adjustable Column
    WS, Fixed Column
    KW 5/1995-3/1997, Adjustable Column
    KW COE 1972-3/1997, Fixed Column
    FL 1975 and older, Keyway Spline
    FL 1976-1988
    FL 1989-2006, 36 Spline
    FL 2007 and newer, 72 Spline
    FL Cascadia 2007-2011
    KW 1971 and older, Keyway Spline
    KW 1986-5/1995, Adjustable Column
    KW 2003-2013
    KW Conv. 1970 and Newer, Fixed Column
    PB 567 2014 and newer
    PB 579 2014 and newer
    PB 587 2014 and newer
    KW T880 2012 and newer w/o switches
    KW T680 2012 and newer w/o switches
    GMC 1974-1995, pickup w/o airbag
    Chevy 1974-1995, pickup w/o airbag
    KW T660 2014 and newer
    KW T800 2014 and newer
    KW W900 2014 and newer
    PB 389 2014 and newer
    PB 386 2014 and newer
    Fixed or Adjustable
  2. Freightliner Cascadia, Western Star 49X Thermoplastic Floor Mats
    Cascadia 113 DD13 engine 2008-19, manual trans
    Cascadia 113 DD15 engine 2008-19, manual trans
    Cascadia 113 ISX engine 2008-19, manual trans
    Cascadia 116 2018-19, manual trans
    Cascadia 116 2018-22, auto trans
    Cascadia 116 2018-22, automated manual trans
    Cascadia 125 2008-19, auto trans
    Cascadia 125 2008-19, manual trans
    Cascadia 126 2018-19, manual trans
    Cascadia 126 2018-22, auto trans
    Cascadia 126 2018-22, automated manual trans
    Cascadia Evolution 113 2014-19, auto trans
    Cascadia Evolution 113 2014-19, manual trans
    Cascadia Evolution 125 2014-19, auto trans
    Cascadia Evolution 125 2014-19, manual trans
    Cascadia 113 2008-19, auto trans
    Western Star 49X 2021-2022
  3. Western Star Tractor & Trailer Air Valve Knobs
    Square / Tractor
    Octagon / Trailer
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Western Star Interior

Keeping the outside of your truck looking excellent for others to enjoy on the road is great, but when you're behind the wheel, it's the interior that you are looking at, so why should everyone else have all the fun? By customizing your semi's cab with Western Star interior accessories, you can make every part of your truck fit your own personal tastes. From the wheel you’re holding to the seat you sit on, everything inside your truck can be customized with accessories for you to choose just the right look.

Your Wheel, Your Style

For many, the wheel is the showpiece of their Western Star interior. It's front and center as you climb in, and directly in front of you when you're driving, so it only makes sense that you should choose a wheel which you enjoy looking at. Thankfully, here at Iowa 80 we have a massive selection of wheel options to choose from when customizing your Western Star truck's interior. Not only do we stock a variety of different styles of wheel, you can also choose from a broad range of color and finish options as well. No matter what look you're after for your truck's wheel, we've got the option you're looking for.

Top to Bottom Customization

There's a lot going on inside of your truck, which is why we stock so many different customizable Western Star truck interior parts. From the mats at your feet to the trim on your dash, no part is too small to customize and we have just what you need to make your truck's cab distinctly your own. You can even add custom trim to your dashboard displays and dials. Every interior accessory part we stock is of the highest quality, so you know that you're getting the best interior accessories for your truck when you shop with us.

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