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  1. The Drift Mattress with Driver's Edge
    42W x 80L
    39W x 80L
  2. Fountainbleau Cool Gel Mattress
    Fountainbleau Cool Gel Mattress
    Item: 333850
    $399.99 - $499.99
    36W x 80L
    39W x 80L
    42W x 80L
    32W x 80L
  3. Dogwood Foam Mattress with Trucker's Edge
    Dogwood Foam Mattress with Trucker's Edge
    Item: 333848
    $244.99 - $299.99
    36W x 80L
    39W x 80L
    42W x 80L
    32W x 80L
  4. Irelyn Latex Mattress
    Irelyn Latex Mattress
    Item: 333845
    $534.99 - $579.99
    36W x 80L
    39W x 80L
    42W x 80L
    32W x 80L
    Item: 178439
    $32.99 - $35.99
    30W x 80L x 5D
    32W x 80L x 7.5D
    34W x 80L x 7.5D
    35W x 79L x 7.5D
    36W x 75L x 7.5D
    36W x 85L x 7.5D
    39W x 80L x 10D
    39W x 80L x 7.5D
    42W x 80L x 10D
    42W x 80L x 7.5D
    42W x 85L x 7.5D
    54W x 80L x 7.5D
    28.5W x 78L x 8D
  6. Luxury Foam Mattress
    Luxury Foam Mattress
    Item: 299945
    $198.99 - $234.99
    35W x 79L
    38W x 80L
    42W x 80L
    32W x 79L
  7. HeatShield Windshield Sun Shade
    FL Cascadia 08-16
    FL Century C120 97-15
    FL Classic XL 79-15
    FL Columbia 79-15
    FL Coronado 120 2005-2015
    FL FL106 1979-2015
    FL FL112 1979-2015
    FL FL50 1985-2015
    FL FL60 1985-2015
    FL FL70 1985-2015
    FL FL80 1985-2015
    FL FLC112 1979-2015
    FL FLC120 98-15
    FL FLD 112 79-15
    FL FLD 120 79-15
    FL Raised Roof 79-15
    FL Silver Aero 79-15
    INTL 9100, 9200, 9400, 9900 71-15
    INTL 9370 79-15
    INTL Conco 1979-2015
    INTL Eagle 1979-2015
    INTL PayStar 5000 71-15
    INTL PayStar 79-15
    INTL ProStar 07-16
    INTL SBA 71-15
    INTL Transtar 1979-2016
    KW Brute Series 79-15
    KW C500, C800 98-15
    KW T2000 2000-2013
    KW T300 98-15
    KW T400, T450 79-15
    KW T600 85-15
    KW T660 08-16
    KW T680 2013-2019
    KW T700 2000-2013
    KW T800 79-15
    KW W900 98-19
    PB 200, 300, 335 98-15
    PB 337 09-18
    PB 349, 353 98-15
    PB 359 73-15
    PB 375 to 379 73-15
    PB 384 99-17
    PB 386 2006-2015
    PB 387 01-15
    PB 388 2010-2013
    PB 579 08-19
    PB 587 08-15
    PB 657 73-15
    Volvo VN 02-17
    Volvo VNL 02-17
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Truck drivers can spend hours driving each day. Some drivers spend weeks away from home in ever-changing scenery, traffic congestion, wide or narrow roads, hot climates and freezing temperatures. Whether long-haul drivers or those who make shorter runs, semi drivers benefit when they increase truck interior comfort.  

Heat it Up

Most people who drive for a living would agree that it's a bad idea to get too hungry or too cold. An electric blanket is a necessity, not a luxury. You may have an electric blanket, but when was the last time you replaced it? Iowa 80 has the best heated blanket for truckers. Older models don’t have the safety features of today's blankets. Check for signs of damage such as visible wires. If you don't know how old it is, you should replace your electric blanket before cold weather sets in.

Clean it Up

Your semi truck interior is like your living room. It's where you spend most of your road time. Everything in it needs to have a home. When you don't have a convenient storage area, you have clutter. It becomes easier to just put something down instead of putting it away. You may not think of clutter as anything but a minor inconvenience, but it really does affect your stress level. A good start is a acquiring a proper center console for semi trucks. It may not seem like much, but it can make a big difference in organization. Consoles have become more ergonomic and most are designed to maximize your leg room. 

Live it Up 

Life in your truck doesn't have to be uncomfortable. Granted, you can't change the space limitations or the interior configuration. But there are some easy, inexpensive ways you can add a few of the comforts of home. 

Surprisingly, the right semi truck sleeper accessories and organizers can make a positive difference in your work enjoyment. A happy driver is a good driver!  

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