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  1. Grease Free Fifth Wheel Slip Plate
    Grease Free Fifth Wheel Slip Plate
    Item: 246838
    $199.99 - $243.99
    Dayton Walter
    Fontaine 5000 series
    Holland FW17
    Holland FW2500
    Holland FW3500
    Holland FW8
    Jost 37
    Simplex 2 Full Size
    Simplex Lite
    Simplex SE
    American Steel Foundries (ASF)
    Fontaine 7000 series
    Fontaine 6000 series
    Holland FW35
  2. 5th Wheel Slick Plate
    5th Wheel Slick Plate
    Item: 275525
    $291.99 - $364.99
    Fontaine 3000
    Fontaine 5092
    Fontaine 6000, No Slack II
    Fontaine 7000
    Fontaine FWS1
    Holland FW17
    Holland FW35
    Holland FW3500, FW2535
    Holland FW6000
    Holland FW8
    Jost JSK37H
    Jost JSK37U, JSK37F
    Reese 18K, 20K, 25K
    Robin Industries 15K
    RV, Most Models
    Simplex II
    Simplex Lite
    Simplex SE
  3. Quilted Fifth Wheel Cover
    Quilted Fifth Wheel Cover
    Item: 247319
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Fifth Wheel

Keeping your semi truck fifth wheel plate in top-quality condition is one of the most important things you can do as a semi truck driver. You depend on the fifth wheel plate to keep your cargo secure and the roads safe, so allow us at Iowa 80 to offer you some of the best fifth wheel supplies on the market today.

A Smooth Ride

High-quality lubrication is essential for maintaining the correct connection between your trailer and tractor. We at Iowa 80 understand the value of a dependable fifth wheel lube plate, so check out our selection of lube plates made from Teflon or Ramex materials for durability and safety. Choose a lube plate that will keep you hauling cargo smoothly, no matter the weight of the load or terrain you drive through.

A Simple Choice

At Iowa 80, we believe in supplying not only great fifth wheel plates, but also great products to help you maintain their integrity. That is why we are proud of our inventory of heavy-duty fifth wheel pullers, retaining rings and position selectors. We also offer lubricants in aerosol, canned and spray forms so you can keep your fifth wheel system in top shape. Finally, no matter whether you have a lubricated or greaseless fifth wheel, take care of the whole system with one of our quilted fifth wheel covers.

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