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Don’t Forget the Deck Plates

Choosing the right semi truck deck plate can make your rig look better and substantially increase your safety. There are a few different types for various prevailing weather conditions and needs, and additional mounting hardware may also be necessary, depending on the kit and your truck. At Iowa 80, we have a huge selection of plates for many different models of truck.

Dress It Up

Not only does it feel great to drive a sharp-looking rig, inspectors tend to be more lenient on a tractor that seems well-kempt. Probably the most common truck deck plate uses aluminum and a stylish yet practical diamond design for a combination of function and form. The pattern provides a geometric appeal and just seems to fit well with an attractive big-rig aesthetic. It also provides good grip in most conditions, although it doesn’t drain as well as some other designs. Fiberglass plates also look good and may have the diamond pattern, depending on the kit.

The Elements Can Matter

While diamond plate probably looks better and provides reasonable traction, the cheese-grater types provide exceptional drainage and unparalleled traction. They typically don’t have the same shine, but if you find that you need more grip, consider going with these types of plates.

Make Sure You Have Mounting Hardware

If you are missing the mounting hardware or if it’s in bad shape, check to be sure that either the kit you purchase includes it or that you purchase it separately. A semi deck plate often includes stiffeners, so also check to see if you need them. We have a huge selection of plate kits and mounting hardware for a wide variety of rigs.

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