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Fans and Heaters

Being a truck driver often means traveling from coast to coast to deliver shipments. With a semi truck 12 volt fan or heater, you can boost the climate-control output of your truck without putting added stress on the motor. Our high-quality aftermarket fans and heaters make it easy to find the right fit for your truck and driving route.

Keeping Cool

Whether you regularly drive through hotter parts of the United States or just need something to get you through unexpected heat waves, having a 12-volt fan by your side is a great idea. Depending on your normal routine, you can opt for metal models that mount permanently on your dash or high-quality portable styles that have a mounting clip and cigarette lighter power adapter.

Staying Toasty

If your truck needs a heating boost for icy climates or specific times of the year, look no further than our pro 12 volt heaters for semi trucks.They’re effective, durable and versatile. In fact, many models off year-round performance by combining dash heating, cooling and defrosting capabilities.

Enjoying Comfort

At Iowa 80, we make sure you’re as comfortable as possible no matter where your next haul takes you. From dash fans for trucks to climate-controlled seat cushions, our incredible aftermarket accessories provide comfort you can feel. They make a huge difference in enjoying your drive and resting better when you pull over for the night.

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