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  1. AutoSock Snow Sock Tire Traction Device
    AutoSock Snow Sock Tire Traction Device
    Item: 251423
    $129.99 - $269.99
    10R 22.5
    11R 22.5
    11R 24.5
    12R 20
    12R 22.5
    13R 22.5
    215/50R 18
    215/85R 16
    225/70R 19.5
    225/75R 17
    225/80R 16
    235/70R 17
    235/75R 17.5
    235/80R 16
    235/85R 17
    245/70R 19.5
    245/75R 22.5
    245/85R 15
    245/85R 16
    250R 15
    255/50R 21
    255/55R 19
    255/60R 18
    255/65R 17
    255/70R 18
    255/70R 22.5
    255/75R 17
    265/50R 20
    265/60R 17
    265/70R 15
    265/70R 17.5
    265/70R 18
    265/70R 19.5
    265/75R 15
    265/80R 16
    275/40R 22
    275/45R 20
    275/55R 20
    275/70R 17
    275/70R 22.5
    275/75R 18
    275/75R 24.5
    275/80R 20
    275/80R 22.5
    275/80R 24.5
    285/40R 21
    285/45R 22
    285/50R 20
    285/55R 22
    285/60R 18
    285/65R 20
    285/70R 16
    285/70R 19.5
    285/75R 17
    285/75R 18
    285/75R 22.5
    285/75R 24.5
    285/80R 22.5
    295/60R 20
    295/60R 22.5
    295/65R 20
    295/70R 18
    295/75R 22.5
    295/80R 22.5
    30/9.5R 15
    305/40R 20
    305/70R 17
    305/70R 18
    305/70R 19.5
    305/70R 22.5
    31/10.5R 15
    315/70R 17
    315/70R 22.5
    315/75R 16
    315/80R 22.5
    325/65R 18
    335/80R 20
    35/12.5R 20
    385/65R 22.5
    395/80R 20
    445/50R 22.5
    455/50R 22.5
    455/55R 22.5
    8.5R 17.5
    825R 20
    9.5R 17.5
    9R 19.5
    9R 22.5
  2. Omnitracs IVG ELD with Harness
    Omnitracs IVG ELD with Harness
    Item: 314641
    $822.99 - $960.99
    9-Pin Green
    9-Pin Freightliner P4 Cascadia
    9-Pin Kenworth 2010-15
    9-Pin Peterbilt 2010-15
    9-Pin Green Kenworth 2016 and newer
    9-Pin Green Peterbilt 2016 and newer
    14-pin RP1226 Freightliner
    14-pin RP1226 International
    14-pin RP1226 Kenworth
    14-pin RP1226 Mack
    14-pin RP1226 Peterbilt
    14-pin RP1226 Volvo
    14-pin RP1226 Western Star
    16-pin OBD II Mack
    16-pin OBD II Volvo
  3. Center Panel and Rear Light Bar Combo Kit
    Center Panel and Rear Light Bar Combo Kit
    Item: 329141
    $342.99 - $457.99
  4. The Drift Mattress with Driver's Edge
    42W x 80L
    39W x 80L
  5. Crossfire Dual Tire Pressure Equalization System
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The average trucker spends more time on the road than at home, creating a longing for the comforts of a recliner, a hot cup of fresh coffee, and a comfortable mattress to sleep on at night. The best truck driver favorites are here at Iowa 80. We recognize how selfless driving a truck can be and have created a unique selection of truck drivers favorites for you to browse for yourself or as a gift on that special occasion.

For the Interior

The trucker’s cab is a home away from home, and sprucing it up can make the long hauls more bearable. A set of Peterbilt floor mats can keep the mud and debris from grinding into the carpet and creating an odor in the cab. You could also gift a chic set of super bright LED Hex Air Cleaner Lights. They look fantastic and have a purpose. You don’t have to waste time wondering what to buy truck drivers, as our experts at Iowa 80 have already narrowed down the list to clear winners.

For the driver that spends more time on the road than at home, a gel seat cushion can take a lot of strain off the back. A Drift mattress uses gel memory foam to provide cooling pressure relief on aching muscles while still providing a support system that can withstand sitting on it without buckling in the middle. What trucker wouldn't want that kind of comfort?

For the Exterior

Some of Iowa 80’s best products for truck drivers are exterior add-ons that set a rig apart from the rest on the road. An LED Millennium 1 Marker light makes a bold statement, but so does installing black poly Kenworth key logo mud flaps behind the tires. Axle cover kits that are chrome plated will stand out, especially when complemented by a Chrome Convoy Rubber Duck hood ornament or Cannon Ball Express chrome train horn. There are dozens of items that will take your trucker’s image to the next level.

Gifts for Everyone

Truckers everywhere take pride in their vehicles, and at Iowa 80, we support those emotions. By offering the best in accessories from the inside to the outside, we give truckers another reason to love their rig and make it home.

Find even more ideas on our Gift Guide blog.  It’s organized into six categories so that you can easily browse by gift type.  When you're looking for gifts for truck drivers, it can be difficult to know where to start.  Luckily, you're here and Iowa 80 has the best and biggest selection of trucking accessories online.  If you're looking for the perfect item for the special truck driver in your life, shop our Gift Guide right here! 

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