August 15, 2022

How To Keep Your Truck Clean and Comfortable During Summer

Driving a truck in the summer season comes with a variety of challenges. The hot, humid weather can take a toll on your semi as you navigate the crowded roads and unique driving conditions in each region on your route. Crazy summer weather, such as powerful thunderstorms or heat waves, can also add some wear and tear to your semi truck. The key to keeping safe and comfortable during the summer driving season is to equip your cab with essential cleaning supplies and accessories.   

Best Semi Truck Cleaning Products

The first step to enjoying your time on the road in your truck is cleaning it. Stock up on the basic semi truck cleaning supplies and do a detailed wash and polish after every big trip. This will help your semi maintain its value and make your journey more enjoyable. Here is what to focus on:

  • Air Freshener – Spending hours in your truck’s cab when you’re driving, sleeping and eating can be stifling. It can also leave an unpleasant smell behind. One way to improve the atmosphere inside of your truck is to get an air freshener. Air fresheners can take away the smell of last night’s dinner or exhaust from the other vehicles on the road.
  • Truck Wash – The exterior of your truck may also need some extra attention in the summer season. Dead bugs, road debris, leaves and other nasty things may be dirtying up your vehicle’s paint job. Purchase a quality truck wash formula and take the time to do a complete scrub all over your truck on a regular basis to keep it looking fresh.
  • Polishing Kit – After doing a thorough exterior wash, you can keep your truck looking shiny and bright with a polishing kit. Polishing kits have all of the essentials to buff and polish every surface of your truck, including the paint job, the wheels and the chrome finish.
  • Air Blowgun Kit – Your truck seat and interior areas may get pretty grimy after many hours on the road. Drivers should always keep an air blowgun kit on hand to quickly take care of the gunk and keep their seating area clean and comfortable. A blowgun kit is a small accessory that can be easily stowed away and taken out for touch-ups every few days.
  • Truck Vacuum – Cleaning the rest of your truck’s interior cab is a big part of staying cozy on long road trips. A truck vacuum can give you a way to remove crumbs, dust and other types of dirt away from the seating and sleeping area. You can use this piece of equipment after you’ve used your blowgun kit to collect all of the grime and dust from your seats and dashboard.
  • Glass Cleaner – Having a clear, unobstructed windshield and set of mirrors is vital to staying safe on the road during treacherous conditions, such as driving down dark, rural roads or in the pouring down rain. Stock up on a high-quality glass cleaner to keep your windshield and mirrors clear and streak-free.
  • Metal Polisher – The metal and chrome pieces of your truck can also benefit from regular cleaning and polishing. A metal polishing formula is essential to maintaining that brand-new showroom-ready shine on the chrome components of your semi.

Summer Accessories for Semis

Your summer road trips in your semi can be much more fun and pleasant if you also have the right accessories. When you spend so much time in your truck, you should equip it with the best accessories that add comfort and ease to your route. Here are some items every trucker needs: 

  • Quality Mattress – When you need to get some sleep and you don’t have a hotel room for the night, your truck cab has to transform into a comfortable bedroom. You don’t have to resort to tossing and turning all night and only getting a few hours of sleep if you have a high-quality foam mattress in your semi that suits your sleeping style.
  • Cell Phone Mount – Being on a long route can be monotonous and isolating without some good music or entertainment. One way to combat the silence of the road is to have your cell phone ready to play your favorite songs. Install a cell phone mount along your semi’s dashboard so it’s out of the way and you aren’t distracted by your device.
  • Small Refrigerator – Hot summer nights and steaming temperatures can be a challenge in the summer driving season. Make sure you can cool down fast and easily with cold water and other refreshing drinks. Install a small refrigerator in the interior of your truck to be ready with water, drinks and other cool snacks.
  • Work Gloves – When you have to make a stop and check out things under the hood or in other parts of your truck, you’ll need some heavy-duty work gloves to protect your hands. Stash the gloves in a convenient place near your emergency equipment supplies so you can quickly put them on when your truck needs some attention or you’re performing routine maintenance on your vehicle.
  • Rain Gear – The summer season is also the height of severe thunderstorm season for most parts of the country. If you need to make a stop, you need some rain gear to keep yourself dry and comfortable in case of inclement weather. At a minimum, have a raincoat or an umbrella stored away in your cab.
  • Sunglasses – Don’t forget to give your eyes some summer sun protection against harmful UV rays. A good pair of sunglasses should be on every trucker’s list of essential supplies for safety and comfort. The constant glare of the sun from the road can be damaging to your eyes and lead to exhaustion. 

Truckers can have a better experience on the road this summer if they are ready with the right supplies. Focus on keeping your vehicle clean and clutter-free with these cleaning supplies and other extras that make summer driving easier to manage. You can turn those hours you spend sitting and sleeping in your truck into a positive experience if you take care of your vehicle and stock it with the necessities.

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