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Semi Truck Exhaust Equipment and Accessories

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Make sure your truck doesn’t get exhausted by keeping your rig’s exhaust system in top-notch condition with’s wide selection of replacement parts. When it’s time for a replacement or simply want a stylish upgrade, count on our extensive inventory of semi truck exhaust parts to fit each driver’s specific needs.

Exhaust Pipe

While semi exhaust stacks are often one of the first things passersby check out, your exhaust pipes are an important and unique part of your truck. They divert harmful gases from the engine out of the cab. Luckily, you can rev up your rig with some sweet style while maintaining a safe environment. When it comes to exhaust stacks, we have what you need. Whether you need one part or a whole kit, we have different styles of top ends, including bull hauler, curved and mitered, and spools and elbows. Regardless of which is the perfect one for you, they are available in durable, high-quality materials including aluminum, chrome and chrome-plated steel or stainless steel. Want some added heat protection? Consider adding a stack guard and grab handle. Most have a chrome finish that adds a sleek aesthetic. Even if you just want to modify the position of your stacks, check out our long-lasting, steel-reinforced, polyurethane cab bracket bushing for use with either a straight or angled cab bracket.


The muffler is another component of the semi exhaust system that is critical to the proper functioning of your vehicle and can be customized based on your liking. A muffler’s job is to cool engine gases and lower the noise of the gases leaving your vehicle. They also help decrease fuel consumption, which is essential for short and long hauls. Since every driver prefers different levels of noise from their muffler, you can easily adjust the muffler noise with exhaust tips. If you want to minimize sound or prefer to amp it up, we carry resonators to get the optimal sound. Available in chrome, chrome-plated steel, steel and stainless steel, they are also a great way to add some added style to your rig while still getting the heavy-duty protection needed. We also carry all the maintenance parts you may need, such as brackets, clamps, elbows, expanders, guards, hoses and much more.

Click here to learn how to measure your exhaust and choose the best stacks for your semi truck.

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