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  1. KW Long Toggle Ext Jewel
    KW Long Toggle Ext Jewel
    Item: 38478
    $8.99 - $9.99
  2. Peterbilt 379 1987-2000 Switch Guards
    Peterbilt 379 1987-2000 Switch Guards
    Item: 45077
    $11.99 - $12.99
    5th Wheel
    Air Suspension
    Axle Differential
    Front Brakes
    Front Locking Differential
    Full Lock Main Differential
    Power Takeoff
    Pusher Axle
    Range Selector-Low/High
    Rear Full Locking Differential
    Traction Equalizer
    Trailer Air Suspension
    15 Speed Deep Reduction
  3. Peterbilt 370 Series Switch Plates
    Peterbilt 370 Series Switch Plates
    Item: 45076
    $5.99 - $9.99
    Accum. Fuel Reset
    Air Deflector
    Auxiliary Lights
    Backup Alarm
    Backup Lights
    Beacon Lights
    Brake Lights
    Brake Saver
    Breather Lights
    Bumper Lights
    Bunk Lights
    Cab Lights
    Cab Watch Alarm
    CB Radio
    Chicken Lights
    Clearance Lights
    Cruise Control-Four Hole
    Cruise Control-Two Switch
    Cummins Select
    Day/Night Signal
    Diag Shutdown Override
    Dimmer & Wiper
    Driving Lights
    Dump Valve
    Electric Toggle
    Engine Brake - One Switch
    Engine Brake - Two Switch
    Engine Fan
    Engine Heater (Proheat)
    Engine Heater (Webasto)
    Fog Lights
    Fuel Heater
    Fuel Hotline
    Fuel Left/Right
    Ignition Key
    Interior Lights
    Lift Axle Top/Down and Bottom/Up
    Lift Axle Top/Up and Bottom/Down
    Load Lights
    Marker Lights
    Mirror Heat
    Mirror Lights
    Panel Lights
    Power Door Lock
    Power Mirror
    Power Mirror - Left
    Power Mirror - Right
    Power Motor Mirror
    Power Window Left
    Power Window Right
    Rack Lights
    Round Jake Brake-Two Switch
    Sleeper Lights
    Sleeper Lock
    Spot Light
    Trailer Air Susp-Single Switch
    Trailer Air Susp-Two Switch
    Trailer Aux Lights
    Trailer Clearance
    Trailer Hot Line
    Train Horn
  4. Chrome Rocker Switch Actuator Buttons with LED
    Arrows Engine Brake
    Aux Lights
    Beacon Lights
    Cab Lights
    Clearance Lights
    Cruise on/off
    Cruise Select
    Engine Brake
    Engine Fan
    Floor Lights
    Fog Lights
    Fuel Heat
    Hazard Lights
    Head Lights
    Lift Axle
    Load Lights
    Mirror Heat
    Particulant Filter
    Rear AC
    Sleeper Light
    Spot Lights
    Trailer Susp Dump
    ABS Off Road
  5. Kenworth Switch Guards
    Kenworth Switch Guards
    Item: 45086
    $5.99 - $23.99
    Controlled Traction-Rear Axle
    Dolly Lock
    Forward Lift Axle
    Full Lock Main Differential
    Interaxle Diff.- BCU Dash
    InterAxle Differential
    Power Air Op. Window-Left
    Power Air Operated Lock
    Rear Lift Axle
    Suspension Lift
    Trailer Gate
    Two Speed-Lo/High
    Wheel Differential
    Wheel Differential-Fwd Axle
    Wheel Differential-Rear Axle
    Air Suspension
    Controlled Traction-Fwd Axle
    5th Wheel
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Customizing your truck’s interior is just one of the many perks that come with this business. You spend so much time on the road that it’s only right that you make it feel like home. At Iowa 80, we sell so many accessories to help you put your own spin on your dash. Our semi truck dash switches offer you superior customization options. 

Rocking Out

We offer a wide range of truck rocker switches to help you make your dashboard your own. Choose from classic chrome switch covers to toggle extensions with jewels to add visual interest. At Iowa 80, we have something for everyone. We sell products that integrate directly with the universal wire harness and fit most existing control panel dashes. Get the look you want at a remarkable price.

Switching It Up 

Tweak your dash to your heart’s content. Semi truck toggle switches are available in simple styles or something quirkier to match your sense of style. Consider some toggle extensions to make your switches more accessible. We even offer switch plates that expand your options. Mix and match as you see fit. We have parts that are specially made to match your truck’s make and model, as well as parts that work with a number of different interiors. Our website clearly indicates when a product is for a specific make. Check under the details section for a particular part to make sure you have something that works. Trust us to help you transform your dash.

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