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  1. Smoke Belmor Chop Tops Side Window Deflectors
    KW T170 2007 and newer
    KW T270 2007 and newer
    KW T300 1994-2008
    KW T370 2007 and newer
    KW T660 2007-2017
    KW T680 2012 and newer
    KW T800 1987-2017
    KW T800W 2008-2017
    KW T802 1987-2017
    KW T880 2013 and newer
    KW W900A 1984-2007
    KW W900B 1984-2017
    KW W900L 1984-2017
    KW W900S 1984-2017
    Volvo VHD 2001 and newer
    Volvo VNL 2003 and newer
    Volvo VNM 1996 and newer
    Volvo VT 2005 and newer
    FL Cascadia 2008 and newer
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Items 1-12 of 934

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Cab and Sleeper             

Truckers spend countless hours in their rigs. For a long-hauler, or even someone needing a little respite, unwinding from an intensive day of driving usually involves the cab sleeper. If this is your home away from home, does it look and feel like it? While many people invest in sprucing up the interior, truly making it feel like home requires a little attention to the exterior.

The Go-to Update: Panels

One of the easiest ways to customize your cab’s exterior is installing panels. Their availability in plain or lighted options opens the door to finding exactly the right look. Lighted selections vary by light type, such as incandescent or LED, or style, including bulls-eye, button, bullet and supernova. If your style is more subtle, plain steel panels or fiberglass panel extensions can provide just enough customization to make it your own. Iowa 80 can provide you with some of the best cab and sleeper panels.

Both lit and unlit panels come in varying sizes and are available for a number of truck models. Many of these options come in sets that include two cab panels and two sleeper panels.

What Other Options Are Out There?

When you add customization to your cab’s exterior, sometimes a little is a lot. Something as simple as a new mirror, mirror cover or handle can give truck cab sleepers a whole new look. Installing a visor is a way to not only show off your distinguished taste but also help block out the sun when resting. 

Another option is to make the rear window more appealing by adding some trim, window shades or air deflectors. Vertical stainless steel trim also is available for the sleeper to cover exposed rubber. 

Whether choosing to go with sleeper cabs for semi trucks or another accessory to personalize your ride, we have dozens of options to choose from. Our website makes it easy to compare parts and has detailed descriptions of each to help you accessorize the way you want. 

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