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  1. Turbowing 900 Series Cab Wing Mounting Kits
    Turbowing 900 Series Cab Wing Mounting Kits
    Item: 237960
    $520.99 - $645.99
    36 IN Standard Flat-Top
    36 IN Standard Non-Unibilt
    40 IN Standard Flat-Top
    42 IN Standard Flat-Top
    48 IN Standard Flat-Top
    48 IN Standard Integral
    48 IN Standard Non-Unibilt
    50 IN Standard Flat-Top
    51 IN Lo-Roof Integral
    58 IN Standard Integral
    60 IN Standard Flat-Top
    62 IN Aerocab Integral Flat-Top
    63 IN Standard Flat-Top Non-Unibilt
    63 IN Standard Flat-Top Unibilt
    70 IN Standard Integral
    72 IN Aerocab Inregral Flat-Top
    86 IN Cab Over COE
    90 IN Cab Over COE
    Lo-Roof Integral Pro
    110 IN Cab Over COE
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Quality Semi Truck Wings, Cab and Sleeper Wings

Shop Our Selection of Wings for Trucks from Iowa 80 

Arrive at your destination with more efficiency and style when you choose from our selection of high-quality semi truck wings. We at Iowa 80 are proud to offer a variety of wings for your semi truck that have been designed to help give you a better driving experience. The careful and modern styling of our wings helps to reduce aerodynamic drag on your vehicle, which can give you better fuel economy from minimized wake.

Come Fly With Me

We at Iowa 80 recognize the importance of a diverse selection of products, so you can choose a great option for your semi truck. Whether you are searching for stainless steel sleeper wings or fiberglass turbo wings, we are happy to help you find what you need. We have a wide range of wings to fit many popular models of semi trucks, so stop by our website and see how we can get you to your goal more quickly.

Spread Your Wings

No matter whether you need a turbo wing, bug wing, fender wing, trailer wing or cab wing, we at Iowa 80 can help. We also have several mounting kits available to assist you in installing your new wings, if you like. Visit our website or contact our representatives to find a great aerotravel wing for semi truck optimization.

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