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  1. HeatShield Windshield Sun Shade
    FL Coronado 120 2005-2015
    FL FL106 1979-2015
    FL FL112 1979-2015
    FL FL50 1985-2015
    FL FL60 1985-2015
    FL FL70 1985-2015
    FL FL80 1985-2015
    FL FLC112 1979-2015
    FL FLC120 98-15
    FL FLD 112 79-15
    FL FLD 120 79-15
    FL Raised Roof 79-15
    FL Silver Aero 79-15
    KW T300 1979 and newer
    KW T660 2008-2016
    KW T680 2011 and newer
    KW T700 2000-2015
    KW T800 1979 and newer
    FL Columbia 79-15
    FL Cascadia 08-16
    FL Cascadia P4 w/sensor 2018 and newer
    FL Cascadia P4 w/sensor 2020 and newer
    FL Century C120 97-15
    INTL 9100, 9200, 9400, 9900 71-15
    FL Classic XL 79-15
    INTL 9370 79-15
    INTL Conco 1979-2015
    INTL ProStar 2007 and newer
    KW W900 1979 and newer
    INTL SBA 71-15
    INTL Eagle 1979-2015
    INTL PayStar 79-15
    PB 386 2006-2017
    INTL PayStar 5000 71-15
    PB 337 1973 and newer
    PB 384 2006-2017
    PB 387 2001-2016
    Volvo VN 02-17
    PB 359 1973 and newer
    PB 388 2006-2017
    Volvo VNL 02-17
    INTL Transtar 1979-2016
    PB 587 2008-2016
    PB 200 1973 and newer
    PB 300 1973 and newer
    PB 335 1973 and newer
    PB 340 1973 and newer
    PB 348 1973 and newer
    PB 349 1973 and newer
    PB 353 1973 and newer
    PB 375 1973 and newer
    PB 376 1973 and newer
    PB 377 1973 and newer
    PB 378 1973 and newer
    PB 379 1973 and newer
    PB 397 1973 and newer
    PB 579 2008 and newer
    PB 567 2008 and newer
    PB 579 EV 2008 and newer
    KW C500 1979 and newer
    KW C540 1979 and newer
    KW C550 1979 and newer
    KW C800 1979 and newer
    KW T270 1979 and newer
    KW T370 1979 and newer
    KW T400 1979 and newer
    KW T450 1979 and newer
    KW T460 1979 and newer
    KW T2000 2000-2015
    KW T880 2011 and newer
    KW W990 2011 and newer
    FL eCascadia P4 2018 and newer
    FL eCascadia P4 w/sensor 2020 and newer
    INTL LoneStar 2007 and newer
    FL Cascadia P4 2018 and newer
    PB 389 1973 and newer
  2. HeatShield Side Window Sun Shades (PR)
    KW Brute Series 1979-2013
    KW C500, C800 1998-2013
    KW T2000 2000-2013
    KW T300 1998-2013
    KW T400 1979-2013
    KW T450 1979-2013
    KW T600 1985-2013
    KW T660 2008-2016
    KW T680 2013-2019
    KW T700 2000-2013
    KW T800 1979-2013
    PB 200, 300, 335, 349, 353 1998-2013
    PB 337 09-18
    PB 359 1973-2013
    PB 375, 376, 377, 378, 379 1973-2013
    PB 384 99-17
    PB 386 2006-2015
    PB 387 2001-2013
    PB 388 2010-2013
    PB 579 2008-2021
    PB 587 2008-2013
    PB 657 1973-2013
    Volvo VN 02-17
    Volvo VNL 02-17
    FL Century 1997-2013
    FL Classic XL 79-15
    FL Columbia 1979-2013
    FL Coronado 120 2005-2015
    FL FLC120 1998-2013
    FL FLD 112 79-15
    FL FLD 120 79-15
    INTL ProStar 2007 and newer
    KW W900 1998-2019
    FL Cascadia 08-16
    FL Cascadia P4 2018 and newer
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An unconventional job like truck driving often comes with other unconventional qualities, such as an unpredictable sleeping schedule. When duty calls for it, you need to be ready to drive, even if that means sleeping during the daytime. We at Iowa 80 are happy to help you prepare for these situations with our selection of high-grade semi truck curtains to improve the quality of your sleep and refresh you for another day on the road.

Block Out the Rays

The heat and light of the sun can be distracting and uncomfortable as you try to catch up on your sleep. We offer a wide selection of sun shields that can roll down or fold out to block the harmful light and keep your truck cab cool and dark for a better sleep environment. We also have several styles of cab curtains for trucks, which have been designed with privacy in mind. Whether you prefer black, dark blue or silver curtains and shades, make a visit to our website and choose your favorite set.

Under Cover of Darkness

If you prefer a more heavy-duty cover set, we at Iowa 80 have you…covered! We are proud to offer an inventory of window cover sets to fit the sleeper sections of tons of popular makes and models of semi trucks, such as Peterbilt, Freightliner, Universal, Kenworth, Volvo and International.

Being out on the road all the time isn't easy, but it's even more difficult when you can't get a private place to sleep. With semi truck window curtains from Iowa 80, you can block out the sun and get a relaxing rest in your sleeper cab, so you can get back out on the road and drive safely. Best of all, we've got tons of different curtain sets so you can find the perfect curtains for your truck.

Best Privacy Curtains

As simple as privacy curtains might seem, there are a lot of little things you need to think about when shopping for them. First off, you need to find privacy curtains that cover your windows properly; the best way to do this is to invest in semi truck curtains that are specifically designed for your truck. However, you also have to consider the level of privacy your curtains provide. While some curtains will completely black out your sleeper cab in the middle of the day, there are also curtains that let a little bit of light in if that's what you prefer. At Iowa 80, we make it easy to find the best privacy curtains by offering a huge selection.

Great Deals on Window Cover Sets

If you want the best window curtains, getting a set is a good way to go. Lucky for you, you get access to tons of semi truck window curtain sets when you shop at Iowa 80. We know how important quality is, so we offer you top-notch parts from the best brands and OEM providers. We even help you save money by offering low prices and coupons that help you get parts and accessories for the lowest prices. When it comes to taking care of your semi truck, you need Iowa 80 on your side.

Iowa 80
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