May 27, 2023

How To Measure Your Exhaust & Choose Top Stacks

Making your truck look good means you have to add on a lot of aftermarket parts. Most trucks don’t come with all the fancy chrome accessories or even the highest quality parts. Replacing parts and adding some customization can make your truck look and operate better. One common change drivers make is to add top stacks. To do this, you first need to learn how to measure your exhaust, and then you can start looking at the  best semi truck exhaust stacks.

Measuring Your Exhaust

You need to measure the pipe on your exhaust so you can properly fit the top stacks. You
will need two measurements: internal and external diameter. The names pretty much explain what each measurement is. The internal diameter includes just the inside of the pipe, which gives you the measurement for the other pipe you would fit into it. The external diameter gives you the measurement for another pipe that would fit around it and measures the pipe itself. Here’s a simple guide:

  • Internal – measure the pipe opening from edge to edge, not including the pipe, just measuring the hole
  • External – measure the pipe opening from edge to edge, including the pipe

Make sure to measure all pipes as sizes may vary along system. Depending on what you will adding or changing, you may need different measurements. Also, measure the internal and external diameters for both inlet and outlet pipes. If your measurements are correct, new parts should fit securely when attached.

Choosing Top Stacks

Now that you have the measurements you need, you can choose your semi truck exhaust parts. Making this choice may actually be more difficult than taking the measurements. There are a lot of options and variances between each option. Make sure you consider the overall look you want to achieve, along with the current look of your truck. After all, if you are adding on new parts gradually, you want some cohesion between old and new so your truck still looks good throughout the process.

To help you out, we want to give you an overview of a couple of the top brands from which you can choose. According to sales and reviews, most consumers believe the best truck exhaust stacks come from Dynaflex or Lincoln Chrome.


Dynaflex produces products that are made in the USA and is known for being the manufactures of the Original Monster Stacks. The company has been in business since 1972 and is focused on producing exhaust systems for heavy duty vehicles. Dynaflex is considered a deluxe line and is very high quality. Consumers feel this brand produces consistent products and is top in innovation. The company has a unique line up of products featuring nine styles. Most consumers agree that using a Dynaflex part will grab attention and turn heads, but the down side is that the company’s products are some of the most expensive on the market.

Lincoln Chrome

Lincoln Chrome makes high-quality chrome exhaust systems and accessories. It has been in business since 1952 and considers chrome to be its specialty. With a focus on the heavy-duty truck market, Lincoln Chrome  exhaust makes seven different styles of parts. It is considered a premium product brand, which makes high quality products. The company is known for producing durable products that will last and look good. All of the products from Lincoln Chrome are made completely in Nebraska. This brand also is slightly less expensive than Dynaflex, which is a plus for many consumers.

You really cannot go wrong with either brand. It is about finding the right part that suits your needs and your truck. So, take a look at our catalogue to see which part stands out to you. Get shopping right now and order your new top stacks today.

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  1. Thank you for explaining how to measure your truck’s exhaust. My friend drives trucks for a living. They’ll have to read your article so they know what exhaust stack parts to get!

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