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  1. Trailer Slick Plate
    Trailer Slick Plate
    Item: 304683
    $332.99 - $714.99
    36 x 26, 12 - 14 King Pin Setback
    36 x 28, 15 - 17 King Pin Setback
    36 x 30, 18 - 20 King Pin Setback
    36 x 30, Frameless Dump
    36 x 33, 21 - 24 King Pin Setback
    36 x 37, 25 - 27 King Pin Setback
    36 x 43, 28 - 30 King Pin Setback
    36 x 45, 31 - 36 King Pin Setback
    36 x 48, 37 - 52 King Pin Setback
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Trailer Accessories

The average person may not realize just how sophisticated the logistics industry is. You’re a dedicated driver, but you also play important roles when it comes to supply chains, customer service and even our nation’s economic stability. You rely on many tools to safely and securely transport your clients’ cargo to its destinations, and Iowa 80 is here to support that mission. We offer the best selection of high-quality semi truck trailer accessories, available at competitive prices and sourced from trusted suppliers.

Anti-Theft Tools

As a truck driver, your customers entrust you to transport valuable cargo. Thieves know this, and that’s why they target tractor-trailer trucks. Hoping for big payouts from the goods they steal, they use a variety of tactics to rip off drivers and profit from their ill-gotten gains. Fortunately, Iowa 80 offers some tools to help you fight back. Our selection of semi trailer accessories includes lock holders such as the 4 Bar J-Lock Load Lock Holder. Designed as a simple yet sophisticated anti-theft storage and security system, this load lock holder is easy to install and features a heavy-duty powder-coated aluminum construction. The Enforcer trailer door lock resists tampering with its 10-gauge chrome plated spring steel, while its internal tumbler system is keyed to open with only 1 of 360 million possible combinations.

Aerodynamic Accessories

Your trailer is vital to your transport, but its shape can reduce the aerodynamic properties of your truck along with potential fuel efficiency. Iowa 80’s accessories for semi truck trailers include useful aerodynamic tools such as VorBlade’s Trailer Wing System. Equipped with an additional crosswind mitigator, this CARB-compliant system boosts aerodynamic stability to more than 50% while increasing fuel savings by 7%.

Convenient 24/7 Shopping

As the world’s largest truck stop, Iowa 80 offers thousands of truck accessories, electronics, exhaust mods, travel gear and more. Shop from our catalog or on our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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