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Semi Truck Seats, Cushions, Mounting and Accessories

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When you spend all day on the road, you don’t have time to spend thinking about your aching back or the crick in your neck. You need comfort and quality when you slip into the driver’s seat, and you need it to last. Even though your office may be on wheels, it doesn’t mean you can’t get the comfort you deserve. Iowa 80 has an array of semi truck seats, covers, cushions and other accessories that provide a custom style with the support and cushioning needed to feel good all day.

Lasting Comfort

Since every truck driver is different and has different needs, Iowa 80 strives to make finding the best solution easy. With options including lower back and lumbar support, you don’t have to let back pain be a major problem again. Along with the best semi truck seats, including heated and cooled seats that make even the longest trips easier to endure, choose from our inventory of seat cushions. From air-flow mesh and gel top design to extra relief from a Therapeutic Seat Cushion, which contains massage bubbles to hit specific parts in your lower back, spine, and legs, lasting comfort is easy to obtain. Tired of the seat belt digging in? Adding a padded or sheepskin cover provides a soft barrier to help avoid discomfort. Comfort also means considering ergonomics. Seat saddles and chair-back organizers ensure everything you need is right at hand, helping you avoid awkward movements and added distractions.

Custom Style Made Easy

Although specific comfort may top the list, truck seats and accessories provide a way to give your cab some personal style. With easy to install options, you can upgrade the look of your cab knowing clean seats are just a machine wash away. Make a statement with your choice of styles by showing your loyalty with sports team logos, injecting some personality with character-themed seat backs or add a splash with your favorite color. Material is another way to get the customization your cab deserves. From sleek leather to casual corduroy and plush upholstery, the various choices available are designed to add style and made with quality and durability in mind.

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