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  1. Billet Aluminum Sitsolo Seat Base Adapter Plate
    Peterbilt 379, 386, 389
    Kenworth W900
    National LoPro
    Sears Atlas
    Sears Atlas w/riser
    Seats Inc Legacy Gold
    Seats Inc Legacy LoPro 6/2018 and older
    Seats Inc Legacy LoPro 7/2018 and newer
    Seats Inc Legacy Silver
    Bostrom Wide Ride
  2. Three-Hole Hub Adapter
    Three-Hole Hub Adapter
    Item: 223054
    $53.99 - $133.99
    KW 3/2001-2003, 40 Spline
    KW 4/1997-3/2001, 36 Spline
    Mack 1950 and Newer, 1in Shaft Size
    Mack 5/2001 and Newer with stability control
    PB 1986-5/1993, Adjustable Column
    PB 2006-2013
    PB 4/1998-2005
    PB 5/1993-4/1998, Adjustable Column
    PB COE 1973-4/1998, Fixed Column
    PB Conventional 1975-4/1998, Fixed Column
    Volvo 36 Spline, Adjustable Column
    Volvo FH 1995-2002
    Volvo VN Single Horn, 43 Spline
    WS 10/1998-2012, Adjustable Column
    WS 1986-9/1998, Adjustable Column
    WS 2013 and Newer, Adjustable Column
    WS, Fixed Column
    KW 5/1995-3/1997, Adjustable Column
    KW COE 1972-3/1997, Fixed Column
    FL 1975 and older, Keyway Spline
    FL 1976-1988
    FL 1989-2006, 36 Spline
    FL 2007 and newer, 72 Spline
    FL Cascadia 2007-2011
    KW 1971 and older, Keyway Spline
    KW 1986-5/1995, Adjustable Column
    KW 2003-2013
    KW Conv. 1970 and Newer, Fixed Column
    PB 567 2014 and newer
    PB 579 2014 and newer
    PB 587 2014 and newer
    KW T880 2012 and newer w/o switches
    KW T680 2012 and newer w/o switches
    GMC 1974-1995, pickup w/o airbag
    Chevy 1974-1995, pickup w/o airbag
    KW T660 2014 and newer
    KW T800 2014 and newer
    KW W900 2014 and newer
    PB 389 2014 and newer
    PB 386 2014 and newer
    Fixed or Adjustable
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Items 1-12 of 675

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Peterbilt Interior

Turn your truck interior into a second home with these premium Peterbilt interior accessories. You’ll find a range of replacement parts and additional options that make your truck interior more comfortable, personalized and innovative. Take a look at some of the more popular options for your Peterbilt or other brand of truck. Whether you’re shopping for your Peterbilt 379 interior or any other model, you’ll find great kits, covers and parts for your truck.

Wheels and Covers

Get a grip on your wheel with these comfortable covers. Designed to add style and offer padded grip, you’ll enjoy these simple covers in a variety of patterns and colors. If you don’t like the look and feel of your steering wheel, replace the entire wheel with a durable and intuitive aftermarket design.


For a durable and comfortable aftermarket pedal set, consider the Peterbilt Billet aluminium pedal set. A black anodized finish and stylish diamond pattern will give you the grip you need to maintain control and comfortably use your pedals while wearing boots, shoes or any other footwear.

Kits and More

If your interior is missing anything, there’s a kit designed specifically for you. Browse a wide range of comprehensive kits, like the Peterbilt complete dash kit to deck-out your dash with premium chrome bezels. You can also find Peterbilt 379 floor kit for complete mat coverage.

For added convenience, check out the Peterbilt floor mounted cup holder. This versatile accessory is the perfect way to keep your beverage close and protected for the long haul.

Whether you need replacement parts or additional accessories, find out how you can personalize and customize your Peterbilt interior with this comprehensive list of aftermarket add-ons and complete kits. Check each listing to find the best parts for your model. Many Peterbilt parts are versatile, while some are designed specifically for a single model of truck.

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