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  1. Peterbilt 2008 and newer Thermoplastic Floor Mats
    28.75 inches
    27 inches
  2. Peterbilt 1987-2015 Thermoplastic Floor Mats
    PB 357, 378, 379, 385 5/2004-2005
    PB 365, 367, 384, 386, 388, 389 floor mount Ultrashift
    PB 378, 379, 385, 357 2006-2007
    PB 357, 377, 378, 379, 385 1987-5/2004
  3. Peterbilt Carpeted Floor Mat Sets
    Peterbilt 579
    Peterbilt 386
  4. 2-Piece Premium Floor Mat Set for Peterbilt
    2-Piece Premium Floor Mat Set for Peterbilt
    Item: 332050
    $84.99 - $90.99
    PB 377 1986-2005
    PB 378 1986-2005
    PB 379 1986-2005
    PB 379 2006-07
    PB 386 2006 and newer
    PB 387 1999-2011
    PB 388 2006 and newer
    PB 389 2006 and newer
    PB 579 2013 and newer
    PB 587 2012 and newer
    Peterbilt Cabover
    PB 357 1980-2000
    Manual or Automatic
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Peterbilt Floor Mats

Shop for the best prices and the best brands of durable floor mats. Your truck floor endures a lot of dirt, mud and mess. Keep it protected for years to come with these rugged and affordable Peterbilt floor mats. Choose the best variety, color and design for your model of Peterbilt truck. Although the basic shape remains the same, every Peterbilt model has a slightly different floor mat design. Look for versatile options or floor mats designed for your exact model. From replacements and overlays to complete kits, you’ll find all the carpeting and mats you need to keep your truck clean and comfortable.

Carpet Replacements

Sometimes you need a new replacement. Whether caked with dirt or scratched and torn, carpets may be damaged beyond repair. Look for premium carpet replacements to fit your specific Peterbilt truck, like the Peterbilt 359 cab carpet replacement. This rugged, high-density carpet comes in various colors and can easily replace your carpet for a like-new look. You can also find carpet replacements for other areas of your cab, like a sleeper carpet replacement.

Carpet Overlays

If you want to keep your carpet in excellent condition before you need a replacement, choose a carpet overlay. These simple mats are designed to completely cover your truck’s carpets without the hassle of replacing carpets. Try the Peterbilt 387 Floorgard carpet overlay for the perfect fit for a Peterbilt 387. There’s plenty of colors, sizes and materials for you to choose from. Consider a rubber floor mat for added durability and protection from spills and stains. Find Peterbilt 389 floor mats, Peterbilt 379 floor mats and more.

Discover the best prices for a Peterbilt floor mat today. Whether you have brand new mats and want to keep them that way, or you need a replacement for your worn-out carpets, you’ll find everything you need in this comprehensive catalogue of floor mats, overlays and more.

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