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  1. Fuel Tank Strap Covers with M5 LED (PR)
    Fuel Tank Strap Covers with M5 LED (PR)
    Item: 289551
    $483.99 - $518.99
    Western Star
  2. Fuel Tank Strap Covers
    Fuel Tank Strap Covers
    Item: 262774
    $294.99 - $314.99
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Fuel Tanks

Rolling down the road, many big rigs stand out—whether a classic truck accessorized or a new, modern model—thanks to an array of personalized accessories. While lights, mirrors, trailers and cabs might be the most popular places to start adding your style, big truck fuel tanks don’t have to be left in the dust. 

Flashy Fairings

Fairings not only provide an element of aerodynamics for enhanced fuel efficiency, but they can also be added to fuel tanks to keep your whole truck in line with your style. We have fairings available in various sizes and styles, including rounded or a flatter design, and come as a pair. 

Thanks to an array of stock for various truck models, if your Kenworth fuel tank fairings need replaced or your truck doesn’t have them, our vast selection of options make finding what you need easy. Truckers looking for a little extra wow-factor may opt for fairings that feature LED or incandescent lights, making their truck light up out on the road.

Other Options

For older truck models, fuel tanks can be tough to keep clean and shiny. Adding a personal touch can be easy thanks to a tank cover or wrap. A stainless steel fuel tank wrap has a self-adhesive back that securely fits to the tank and provides the shine. Covers offer the opportunity to add a little color to the ends of a tank. They also are available with a design. 

Sometimes a fuel tank requires more than some flair. We offer an array of brackets, straps, center fairing plate and trim pieces to help keep you moving and your tank secure. 

Whether looking for accessories for International fuel tanks or wanting to light up your fuel tank, making your truck your own can be easy. Our website makes it easy to compare parts and has detailed descriptions of each to help you find the right fit.

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