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  1. Front Fender Brackets
    Front Fender Brackets
    Item: 239257
    $638.99 - $916.99
    KW AG380
    PB Air Leaf 1993 and newer
    PB Air Trac 22.5, 24.5 low pro
    PB Air Trac 24.5
    PB Flex Air
    PB Low Air 2004 and older
    PB Low Air 22.5 2005 and newer
    PB Low Air 24.5 2005 and newer
    FL Airliner
  2. Brute Poly Full Fenders
    Brute Poly Full Fenders
    Item: 306757
    $828.99 - $900.99
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Full Fenders

Truck fenders are more than just a shiny decorative element on the body of the car. Fenders are a way to protect the equipment you have invested in, particularly your truck and trailer. In addition to providing protection for you, full tandem truck fenders all help protect other motorists along the roadways.

Bringing Protection With Style

A full tandem fender is used to cover both of the wheels on a dual wheel axle, and while it makes for a great-looking accessory, it is more for safety than anything else. Safe highway driving means protecting yourself and others on the road from mud, sand, liquid, rocks or other flying debris that gets slung up by the heavy tires. Full fenders for semi trucks bought from Iowa 80 bring curb appeal and increased protection at a great price. We carry several styles to choose from, all of which give your vehicle a custom, finished-looking appearance.

Choosing Your Fender

The right fenders for your vehicle will bring three key benefits: increased safety, time and cost savings, and a new look. Small improvements, like investing in a set of full fenders, can turn into big savings. The same debris that can cause damage can also lead to the never-ending task of keeping your truck clean. The right set of full tandem fenders can really reduce road spray.

Looking for a head-turning pair of fenders? Check out the options in stainless steel or aluminum full fenders for semi trucks from Iowa 80. The ribbed mill finish in aluminum is as classy as it is durable, with flanged edges for extra protection. A pair of brute poly fenders have superior spray and debris control, and they are practically indestructible to salt or corrosion.

Ordering the Best

Ready to add a finished look to your truck? Iowa 80 has industry-leading brands of the best full fenders in a range of materials and sizes. Get the perfect look at the perfect price.

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