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  1. Front Fender Brackets
    Front Fender Brackets
    Item: 239257
    $395.99 - $567.99
    FL Airliner
    KW AG380
    PB Air Trac 22.5, 24.5 low pro
    PB Air Trac 24.5 Tall Rubber/11R
    PB Air Leaf 1993 and newer
    PB Flex Air
    PB Low Air 2004 and older
    PB Low Air 22.5 2005 and newer
    PB Low Air 24.5 2005 and newer
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Freightliner Fenders

The road can sometimes prove damaging and dangerous to your freightliner. Dirt, rocks and debris can come across your path before you know it. Which is why it is important to invest in durable freightliner fenders that work as a shield around your vehicle. We have the selection to protect every inch of your truck.

Shelter Your Body

Any experienced trucker knows that not every trip is an easy one. Even the cleanest highways can be littered with mud and trash. These can damage your vehicle and your wheels. A fender fights away the rocks, bugs and rain so often found on any every trip. It is also important to consider the vehicles that share the road with you. If your vehicle is safe, then so are other drivers.


We have a great collection of fender styles. If you are looking for greater protection, consider one of our fender extensions. Hoping to shield your wheels? Then, invest in our fine fender trims. We even have fenders with their own lights for a protected and brighter trip. A particular part like a freightliner quarter fender can also keep other drivers safe. This is because a quarter fender not only shields your wheel but stops your vehicle from spraying anything it comes in contact with all across the road.


Our selection includes durable fenders and trims from a variety of brands. Many of these are made from strong stainless steel and covered in a stylish chrome. A long-lasting rubber covers certain freightliner Cascadia fenders. Each handles the tough life of the road to keep you and your cargo safe.


You don't have much time to hunt down your desired parts and we know this. Which is why we supply a huge array of parts in different sizes and budgets. Now you can hit your next assignment without worrying about breaking down your vehicle or breaking the bank.

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