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  1. 15" Genuine Vortox Air Cleaner
    15" Genuine Vortox Air Cleaner
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Air Cleaners & Air Inlet

There are many essential components that ensure your big rig runs efficiently, smoothly and for a long time. To keep it rolling down the road, it is important to keep the airflow system operating at top-notch performance. Regular maintenance and a truck air cleaner can help keep it clean and protect the engine from potentially damaging dust and particles.

Choosing the Best Air Cleaner

For vehicles equipped with a dual external air system, choosing the best semi truck air cleaner often comes down to the make and model of the rig. Additional factors to consider include flow rate restriction, dimensions and performance needs. A driver making mostly highway runs will have different needs than someone frequently traveling on gravel or dirt roads.

Filter Out the Debris

A major element of an air system working correctly comes down to truck air filters. Many conventional-style semis use a dry filter. These are typically rounded or shaped like a rectangle and nestled in a canister. Each one typically lists its restriction limit, which will impact how often it needs to be replaced. Options are available for one-time use filters or ones that can be reused. Besides classic paper-based options, advances in synthetic materials provides an array of filter choices to fit your needs.

Make It Your Own

Besides the benefits of efficiency and engine longevity, technology makes it possible to add a personal touch to air filtration systems. Your rig can reflect an array of desired looks with accessories such as a semi truck air intake punched grill, housing unit and covers. You can also add some color with unique lights in various shapes and colors. 

Whether you are looking to upgrade or making a necessary replacement, there are many options available to customize an air system. You can easily search our website for the category and fine-tune the details to compare units and find the right parts and accessories.

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