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Western Star Bumpers

One surefire way to increase the look of your rig and add a little personalized flair is a new bumper. A Western Star bumper sends your rig's look to a new level. The durability of these bumpers handles the rigors of the road with ease. With all of the variety available, the toughest decision is not whether to get one but rather which one to buy.

Durable Colors

The Western Star 4900 bumper comes in a variety of color options from black to stainless steel to the popular chrome look. Stand out among the other rigs to make a bold statement or enjoy a simple, classic look. Either way your rig is ready to take on the road and whatever happens in your path. The colors are sure to last through the rigors of the elements and the long miles spent driving.

Stylish Variety

Choose among a variety of styles from Texas square to open end to full wrap arounds. With the abundance of styles available, you're sure to find the right one for you and your rig. Add some laser cut outs to change the light pattern given off by the headlights. Complete the personlized look with a new license plate frame.

Various Sizes

No matter the size of your grill, there's a new bumper waiting to offer a new look to your rig. Bumpers can wrap around or offer little coverage. The right bumper suits the size of your rig's front end, but they can be short or tall to cover the entire grill or not. Most bumpers are easy to mount for easy replacement.

We have the Western Star bumpers for sale for the perfect new look. Outfit the bumper with accessories designed to enhance the style and performance of the rig. Add some bumper guides, grill guards or permit panels to the new bumper.

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