Yanker Tool Xtra Heavy Duty 5th Wheel Puller

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Yanker Tool Xtra Heavy Duty 5th Wheel Puller

Item Number:  359523

Price: $74.99

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Never stress on opening a sliding 5th wheel again! If Yanker Tool XHD can't open it, you'd better call your shop, because that hitch is non-operational. Yanker Tool XHD is a true lifetime tool that's designed by truckers, for truckers. The Yanker Tool performs the 'up-over-and out' motion the Jost safety catch fifth wheel release mechanisms require at uncoupling. Simply hook the 'thumb' of the Yanker into the Jost release pull handle, set the 'foot' of the Yanker onto the frame rail, turn it like a key, and then pull outward as usual. With the Yanker, this release operation is performed close to your body while standing upright beside the rig instead of beneath it, all while maintaining stable footing.
  • Works on Jost and all other sliding fifth wheels
  • Reduces repetitive stress and end-range-motion injuries to shoulder, neck, arms and back
  • Keeps drivers clean and safe beside truck, not under it
  • Length: 37"
  • Width: 10"
  • Deep/Thick: 1-1/4"
  • Weight: 55 oz, approximately 3-1/2-lbs.
  • Finish: Plated
  • Made in the USA