Tru-Balance Wheel Centering Tool Kit 5L Pins

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Tru-Balance Wheel Centering Tool Kit 5"L Pins

Item Number:  238273

Price: $287.99

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Maintain the best fuel mileage possible and stop unnecessary wear and tear on your wheels and tires! This 3 piece reusable centering tool kit works on all steer, drive and trailer hubs, guiding your wheel to its true center position by centering the wheel and brake drum back to the studs. This simple solution stops vibration and gets you back on the road enjoying a smooth ride once again. Kit includes three 5" long steel guide pins. Installation: Remove the wheel. Thread the guide pins onto the wheel studs. Mount the wheel and brake drum over the guide pins, centering them back to the studs. Install lug nuts, remove centering pins and install the remaining lug nuts onto the studs.
5"L pins center drive and steer axle wheels as well as the brake drums.
Fits 19.5", 22.5", 24.5" unimount wheels with 22mm wheel studs.

View the video for a complete walk through of the installation process.