Giraffe G4 Truck Protection System

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Giraffe G4 Truck Protection System

Item Number:  256388

Price: $249.99

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The GiraffeG4 helps drivers avoid hitting bridges, limbs, awnings and other low clearance, overhead obstacles by measuring the height first, up to 22' tall. Using the latest in waterproof sound technology, the GiraffeG4 is an alert system that gives the driver a chance to measure the hazard before passing under. If the obstacle is too low for the trailer's height, the driver can back out and choose another route, avoiding damage to the trailer and the object the trailer is about to hit. To use, simply program the height of your rig into the in-cab read-out; once programmed, the driver can measure the height of an overhead obstacle by pulling up to it and PAUSING to get the read-out. If the height is too low, an alert will flash and beep to warn the driver not to proceed. Perfect for commercial trucks, pilot cars, and RVs. Mirror mount. Powered by a 12 volt plug. Made in the USA.
Magnetic mount also available.