Delphi Radio Remote Control

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Delphi Radio Remote Control

Item Number:  156879

Price: $25.99

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Control major radio features from a remote control. Compatible with select Delphi radios DEA525, DEA530, DEA535, and DEA540 models including PP105713, PP105224 (item 268585), PP105225, PP105226 (item 244801), PP105227 (item 320395), PP105482 (item 304841), PP105714 (item 306363), PP105715, PP107028, PP107086, PP107092 (item 329557), PP107097, PP805351 (item 245035), PP805352 (item 245036), PP805474 (item 245040), PP805490 (item 245039), PP807005 (item 336682), PP807006 (item 280582), and PP1052265 (item 347262).

Not sure which model number you have? Check the radio, there is a sticker on top of the radio with the part number and model number.