September 27, 2021

Winter Driving Essentials for Truck Drivers

Winter can bring a lot of hassles and dangers to truck drivers. As you prepare for winter, there are a few essentials that you should be buying to make trucking in the snow easier and safer. Beyond just reading up on and committing to memory winter driving tips for truckers, you also should consider buying the following items.

AutoSock or Tire Chains

Tire chains are a pretty old school solution to getting better traction on the snow. They work great, but the problem is that they are not legal on some roadways and in some areas. This is because they can damage roads. So, a newer solution has come on the market: AutoSock. An AutoSock is a textile made cover for tires that provides traction. They work fairly well and do not cause road damage, so you won’t have to be putting them on and taking them off as you travel. At any rate, regardless of which you choose, you really should use one of these to help you avoid traction issues and make it safely on icy or snowy roads.

Vent ShadesSmoke Ventvisors

Vent shades cover your window tops to prevent blow in of rain or snow. The best semi truck vent shade will allow for circulation of fresh air so to help with defrost while also keeping you dry.

Heated Windshield Wipers

These are fairly self-explanatory. Using heated windshield wipers can save you a lot of time and hassle. As you travel, the last thing you want to do is have to keep getting out to de-ice your wipers. Having heated ones as part of your winter essential items kit will be a huge time saver and help keep you safer as you drive through snow and ice storms.

Heated Seats

This one is all for you. Being able to snuggle into a warm seat as you clock long hours on the road can help keep the winter chill at bay. The best heated seat for semi will allow you to adjust the heat and turn it off when you want with simple controls.


Winterfronts for semi trucks will protect your radiator and grill from snow and ice. It also keeps cold air from blowing through your radiator and helps to keep engine temperatures maintained.

As you start looking for the best semi truck products for winter, keep these items in mind. They will all come in handy as you drive through winter weather. Fall is the best time to start getting your winter essentials in order, but you can do it any time of the year, so get started shopping today.

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