April 18, 2021

Ultimate Hubcap Wheel Cover Guide

Explore the wide range of hubcaps available to upgrade or repair your truck. Semi trucks experience some serious conditions on the road. Dents, corrosion and other factors can cause your hubcaps to warp or become dangerously compromised. Find out how to install hubcaps and how to shop for high-quality caps for your make and model of rig.

How Do You Put on Hubcaps?

Installing a hubcap is an easy process if you have the correct dimensions, but it’s impossible with the wrong cap. Use the following advice to carefully measure your front and rear wheels before ordering hubcaps online. This will give you the correct size of cap you need for a simple installation process.

Hubcaps have durable clips that allow them to connect to your wheel. Use care when installing your hubcap to avoid damaging these clips. Unlike hubcaps for other vehicles, semi truck caps typically come with steel clips to avoid breakage. This can make them last longer and hold more securely, but only if you purchase the correct size for your front and rear wheels. Explore our online catalog of hubcaps and use these features to find the right set for your rig.

Shopping for Front Axle Hubcaps

Find the best hubcaps for your front axle by counting the notches and measuring the lip height. Your front axle wheels have notches, or pilots, that help guide and secure the hubcap. Most trucks have between four and six notches. Unless you purchase a universal-fit hubcap, you’ll need to keep this number in mind as you shop.

Next, measure the lip height of your wheel. This is usually a standard dimension, but it can vary. Most steel wheels have a lip that is 7/16 inches, while aluminum wheels have 1-inch lips. Buying a hubcap that has a smaller lip may prevent it from connecting to your wheel, while a larger lip may cause it to stick out and create a loose fit.

Comparing Rear Axle Hubcaps

Look at the rear axle and take a few measurements before ordering these. Most semi trucks have slightly different sizing for rear wheels. Measure the axle diameter. It should be between 8 1/2 inches and 7 1/4 inches.

You’ll also need to know the stud sizes when you order. Count the studs and measure their diameter. The diameter of each stud will be the same, but they can range from 5/8 inch to 1/2 inch. Finally, you’ll need to consider the stud length. A 1 1/2-inch hubcap lip can accommodate longer studs, but a smaller lip may not offer the space you need for extra-long studs.

Do Hubcaps Fit on Any Truck?

Shop for all the hubcaps your truck needs using this helpful guide. Hubcaps for semi trucks come in a range of dimensions, so it’s important to take a few measurements before picking up a set for your rig. Even cars use varying wheel sizes, so you need to match your new hubcaps with your make and model of vehicle or your tire dimensions for a perfect fit.

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