June 21, 2021

Semi Truck Cleaning & Polishing Guide With Zephyr Products

Cleaning a semi truck takes a lot of organization because there are several operations that make up the process, and each uses its own unique products and techniques. Organizing your cleaning efforts with a single product system like Zephyr helps make the job easier, especially if you’re new to semi maintenance. How? It gives you one system with color-coded buffing levels you can easily track as you move through the job.

Benefits of Keeping Your Semi Truck Polished

Keeping your truck clean is about more than just looking sharp. Polishes, waxes, and other detailing products work to create a barrier against rust and corrosion that prolongs the life of those exposed parts. They also remove built up grime that holds moisture against the truck’s body, wheels, or other exposed parts. Adding the right buffing and polishing kit also gives you a way to remove corrosion and restore the finish when signs of wear and tear do pop up. A little work to keep your truck clean can go a long way toward lower maintenance costs.

Best Zephyr Metal Polishing Products & How To Use Them

Zephyr’s line of cleaning and polishing products covers a lot more than just the basics, but there isn’t time in one article to detail all their products. If you start with this selection of their best offerings, it will take care of basic polishing jobs. From there, you can explore the rest of the line’s offerings for yourself to find the perfect routine for your truck. 

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Zephyr Polishing Rouge Bars

Take out corrosion spots, smooth over scratches, and protect your truck color to keep your show surfaces looking sharp. Zephyr’s rouge bars provide several levels of texture to help you find the perfect fit for a job. Pair them with the color-coded buffing wheel for each texture level to make polishing easy.

Zephyr Super Shine X Polishing Kit

The Super Shine X Polishing Kit is designed to get you started with everything you need. It includes three buffing wheels designed for cutting, color, and shine, as well as the polishing compound, rouge bars, and safety flanges. This kit is all you need to cover your basic clean, polish, and shine job if you’ve already got a grinder on hand.

Zephyr PRO-40 Perfection Metal Polish

When you need to shine up all your surfaces without worrying about matching the right compound to each alloy, the PRO-40 formula has you covered. This broad spectrum compound produces a mirror-quality shine on chrome, aluminum, and steel in a hurry, simplifying your work.

Zephyr 10″ Satin Airway Buffing Wheel

This wheel is designed to go after the Buff and Prep Wheel in the same line, providing the same texture as 320-500 grit sandpaper. It’s perfect for sanding and feathering in lines after a primary cut, and it even works well on diamond plate. Order one as a replacement for the original Satin wheel in a kit or as a stand-alone replacement to maintain your regular lineup.

Zephyr Ultra Shine Signature Series Polishing Kit

This kit is the upgrade to the basic shine kit, and it has everything you need to pull out an even better polish when you’re buffing and cleaning show surfaces on your truck. The upgraded signature series rouge bars, buffing wheels, and metal polish are designed with chrome and other soft metals in mind.

Zephyr PRO-50 Water Spot Eliminator

Use this detailer after a regular wash to eliminate water spots and maintain a polished shine. Zephyr’s water spot eliminator not only helps your truck look great, it also dissolves small corrosion spots, calcium, and carbon deposits without using corrosives or abrasives. That makes it perfect for small jobs, saving you the trouble of breaking out the entire buffing kit. It’s also a great addition to a full buffing and polishing job when you do break out the grinder and buffing wheels, as a finishing touch.

Check Out More Great Zephyr Products

If you’re an old hand at truck polishing and you’re looking for something a little more focused, Zephyr’s line includes a variety of options for aluminum tanks and other specific parts of your truck. Iowa 80 has all the Zephyr products they stock on sale for 15% off in March and April, so now is the time to stock up on all your seasonal truck cleaning supplies. Check out your options today and save.

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