Accessories Every Semi Truck Exterior Needs

As a professional truck driver, you take pride in your work, and that pride can be expressed through how you present your rig. You have lots of options to customize with semi truck exterior accessories which can add safety and flair when you hit the road. From cab to wheels, you can give your semi the makeover it deserves to reflect who you are as well as to protect you and other drivers around you. Here are just a few of the exterior truck accessories you may want to consider to add personality to your ride.

See the Light

One of the most obvious ways to get noticed is through unique lighting. Government regulations dictate the minimum amount of lights a semi truck needs, but you don’t have to stop there. Why not add LED light strips or additional marker lights to remind other drivers of your presence? Extra lighting can make a big different for your safety, especially at night. 

Block the Sun

Another smart aftermarket addition you can make to your semi is a visor to block the glare while you are driving. Visors add a lot of bang for your buck compared to other accessories for semi truck exterior because they improve your ability to see and embellish your rig at the same time. Visors come in plenty of styles and materials, so you can find one that appeals to you, such as these options:

  • Bow tie
  • Gangster
  • Wicked
  • Drop
  • Darwin 
  • Window
  • Lighted

Clean Up the Road

Mud flaps seem like an obvious way to personalize a semi, but they serve an important purpose for safety. Not only do they prevent some of debris your tires may kick up, but they also can protect the underside of your truck from excessive wear and tear. Mud flaps can reflect your loyalty to your truck brand, show your humor, or match your color scheme to make your rig stand out.

In the Stacks

Every truck needs to have exhaust pipes, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. A custom stack can be a real attention-grabber, and the sky’s the limit as far as your choices go. Look for extra tall stacks in shiny chrome or with curved ends to match some of your other exterior truck accessories. 

Turn the Wheel

Another way that you can customize your truck is with wheel accessories. Axle covers, hubcaps, and nut covers offer additional protection to your wheel mounts and tires, but they can also show your style with chrome finishes and different shapes. Why go boring when you can go bold?

Do the Bump

Peterbilt 378, 379 18″ Boxed End Chrome Bumper

Bumpers and fenders offer protection from impact in the event you have a collision. As a necessary piece of equipment on your semi, your bumper may prevent additional damage to your truck while adding more eye candy. Look for different colors and shapes to make your bumper reflect your truck’s aesthetic. Fenders can also be customized or painted to match your color scheme.

Trick Your Pony

Valve Action Paint Marker

You spend a lot of time with your truck, and it can be your home away from home. Just like some people do with their homes, you can give your truck a clever or creative name to get you noticed. Add your truck’s name with a decal or painted detail. Speaking of paint, a color scheme with custom elements can take you where you need to go in style. Bright hues and patterns can also keep you safe on the highway because other drivers are sure to notice you.

Hopefully, these suggestions for custom semi truck exterior accessories park your imagination. You can also customize the interior of your cab to keep you comfortable and safe every time you take the wheel. Any upgrades for the inside or outside of your truck can reflect your dedication to your work as well as your sense of style. 

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