April 18, 2021

10 Ways To Winterize Your Semi Truck

Winter may come with some driving challenges, but there are many ways you can prepare for the worst of the cold weather, snow and ice. Check out these 10 ways that you can use quality accessories to winterize your rig. From semi truck winter tires to cab heaters, this gear keeps you driving safely and comfortably.

1. Fog Lights

During the winter months, foggy weather and snowy roads are expected. That being said, prepare you winter truck with an excellent new pair of fog lights. The use of fog lights will change your drive exponentially, illuminating the road ahead and making your semi more visible to those sharing the road. 

LED fog lights withstand more shock than most, making them a safe choice for those doing long haul drives during the night. As well, they are sealed so that moisture can’t seep through, making these lights last longer than most. In addition to LED lights, Iowa 80 sells a variety of options so that you can find what’s best for your needs. 

2. Bunk Warmers

Sleeping in your truck in winter typically means idling your engine to keep the heater on. This is an inefficient use of fuel. Instead, invest in bunk warmers and other cab heating options to stay warm and toasty throughout the night. Bunk warmers are energy-efficient 12-volt mattress toppers.

Turn on the adjustable thermostat, warm up your bunk and hop in bed. The amp draw is considerably lower on these than space heaters or other heating alternatives. Whether you heat up your bed before night or leave it on as you rest, this product can help you take a well-deserved nap or full night’s sleep without being uncomfortably cold.

3. Winterfront Grille Protection

Protect your truck as you drive through the bitter cold with a winterfront accessory. These grille guards use either quilted or non-quilted material to cover your grille. The breathable material still allows plenty of air in, but the insulation value helps protect your engine compartment from extremely cold airflow.

As temperatures drop, extremely cold air can actually freeze the coolant in your radiator. This not only prevents the normal flow of fluid through the radiator, but cracks this component. Don’t halt your long-haul with a damaged radiator, but pick up this affordable preventative maintenance item online.

4. Tire Chains or Socks

Mountain passes, deep snow and other obstacles require chains or other traction devices to keep your rig safe. Standard chains can be difficult and time-consuming to install, so consider one of the latest alternatives for hassle-free winterization and traction support. Be sure your chains match your tire diameter for safe and efficient installation.

5. Winter Wipers

Check your windshield wipers before driving in winter. Beam-style wipers offer better protection against damage from ice. Shop for heated wiper blades to ensure they can stay moving through any weather conditions.

Heated blades connect to your electrical system and offer enough heat to prevent ice buildup and other hazards. Ice on your windshield wipers prevents them from properly wiping your windshield and can cause them to stick or scratch your windshield.

6. New Batteries

Extreme temperatures can affect the lifespan of your truck batteries. If a battery isn’t fully charged, or is a few years old, it may freeze and crack in the winter. Prevent dead batteries in the middle of the night by replacing them. Be sure your batteries are still covered by their warranty and kept fully charged to prevent any weather-related incident.

7. Portable Cab Heaters

A bunk warmer can keep you warm while you sleep, but one of the best cold weather semi truck products for your rig is a portable cab heater. Plug in an energy-efficient ceramic heater or heater with a fan and enjoy heat throughout your space. If you have a kitchen space or other room in your sleeper cab, a cab heater allows you to stay warm without idling your engine.

Look for a portable cab heater that pulls double duty and works as a fan in the summer. A multi-use option like this helps you control your interior climate all year. A portable fan is far more energy efficient than an air conditioner, so you can alter your cab temperature without using a considerable amount of energy.

8. Road-Ready Safety Kit

You never know when you may be stranded on the side of the road. A roadside emergency kit turns a dangerous situation into a minor inconvenience. Pack typical first-aid items as well winter clothing, emergency blankets, a snow shovel and any other items you may need in the winter. Always have food and water on hand in your cab in case your emergency lasts for a day or more. Once you pack your kit, keep it in your truck in an easy-to-reach location. Be sure you refill it whenever you remove an item, or you may run out of items when you need them most.

9. Heated Headlights

Ice buildup can also affect your headlights, so consider replacement lights for wintertime safety. Heated LEDs shine clearly through any weather condition. Without built-in heaters, snow and ice can form on your lights and obscure your vision.

Scraping ice off your headlights every morning can be a chore. In a heavy snow storm, falling snow can block our vision in the middle of your drive. The latest in headlight technology keeps you safe in winter and visible all year.

10. Fuel Additives

Diesel fuel at temperatures below freezing can become thick. The paraffin naturally found in diesel can become gel-like in cold weather, so you may need to use fuel additives to keep your engine running efficiently. Never add any product without first reviewing your owner’s manual, as some products aren’t compatible with some diesel engine systems. Look at the cetane levels of your diesel fuel to learn more about it’s consistency.

Prepare for Winter Driving Today

Hit the roads with confidence thanks to these winter truck driving tips and products. Winterize your rig before the first signs of snowfall and freezing temperatures to avoid being stuck in a snowstorm. Shop online to find these and other must-have items and have them shipped directly to your garage for convenient setup and complete protection from the ice and snow.

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