Storytellin’ Truck Drivers

By Larry Pruitt One thing that is as sure as death and taxes; if you talk to any truck driver for any length of time, you will eventually hear some story about the truckin’ life or some load they have hauled.  Before we go any farther here, let’s just say upfront that some stories are … Continue reading Storytellin’ Truck Drivers


Are You Ready? By Larry Pruitt With the FMCSA‘s Electronic Logging Device Mandate deadline quickly looming, Owner-Operators and small fleet owners alike are trying to wade through all of their options for the upcoming mandate deadline.  They’re trying to decide what will work best for them.  I know some companies have been testing different products … Continue reading ELDs

Keep on Truckin’ & Showin’

By Larry Pruitt We haven’t shown very much in the last couple of years.  Bustin’ Out! is now over ten years old.  Our priorities have changed somewhat as we have been off racing with the grandkids.  Along with that, the truck is starting to show its miles and as much as you try to keep … Continue reading Keep on Truckin’ & Showin’

Your First Truck Show

By Larry Pruitt Hello again.  Well you should have your truck in good shape by now, Righttttttt!  It’s time to find out what the judges think now.  CLICK HERE to read more posts from my blog series. The first time is always the most difficult.  We have found that the best way to go about … Continue reading Your First Truck Show

Show Trucks: The Planning Process

By Larry Pruitt When you make the decision to start showing your truck, the first thing to look at is the segment of trucking you’re involved in. You might be involved in dry van work and all you do is drop and hook and never leave the paved road. There are other segments like grain … Continue reading Show Trucks: The Planning Process

The Road to Becoming a Truck Show Competitor

A True Story By Larry Pruitt There are as many truck show competitors as there are different stories about how they got there. Here is a little bit of how we got involved in truck show competitions.  Some competitors follow in the footsteps of family members, but most are first generation competitors such as Jeanette and … Continue reading The Road to Becoming a Truck Show Competitor

Truck Show Season is Upon Us

By Larry Pruitt The 2017 truck show season is here.  The first big one is held at the Mid-America Trucking Show, MATS, in Louisville at the end of March.  The truck show season runs in the Midwest until around the end of September.  If you’ve never checked out one of these competitions before, I strongly encourage everyone that … Continue reading Truck Show Season is Upon Us