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  1. AutoSock Snow Sock Tire Traction Device
    AutoSock Snow Sock Tire Traction Device
    Item: 251423
    $199.99 - $259.99
    235/70R 17.5
    235/75R 17.5
    235/85R 17
    245/70R 17.5
    245/70R 19.5
    245/75R 22.5
    245/85R 16
    250R 15
    255/70R 18
    255/70R 22.5
    255/75R 17
    265/70R 17.5
    265/70R 18
    265/70R 19.5
    265/80R 16
    275/55R 20
    275/65R 18
    275/70R 17
    275/70R 22.5
    275/75R 18
    275/75R 24.5
    275/80R 20
    275/80R 22.5
    275/80R 24.5
    285/45R 22
    285/50R 20
    285/55R 22
    285/60R 18
    285/65R 20
    285/70R 16
    285/70R 19.5
    285/75R 17
    285/75R 18
    285/75R 22.5
    285/75R 24.5
    285/80R 22.5
    295/60R 20
    295/60R 22.5
    295/65R 20
    295/70R 18
    295/75R 22.5
    295/80R 22.5
    30/9.5R 15
    305/70R 17
    305/70R 18
    305/70R 19.5
    305/70R 22.5
    31/10.5R 15
    315/70R 17
    315/70R 22.5
    315/75R 16
    315/80R 22.5
    325/65R 18
    335/80R 20
    35/12.5R 20
    385/65R 22.5
    395/80R 20
    445/50R 22.5
    455/50R 22.5
    455/55R 22.5
    8.5R 17.5
    825R 20
    9.5R 17.5
    9R 19.5
    9R 22.5
    10R 22.5
    11R 22.5
    11R 24.5
    12R 20
    12R 22.5
    13R 22.5
    215/75R 17.5
    225/70R 17.5
    225/70R 19.5
    225/75R 17.5
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5 Items

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Long hauls push your rig to the limit, which is why you take the time to keep it in the best condition possible. Along with running at peak performance, you also want it to look sleek and professional while cruising down the road. An easy way to do both is to check out Iowa 80’s array of semi truck wheels & accessories.

Functional Enhancement

Even the smoothest of roads can present the unexpected. Random debris, gravel and sand can easily pop up and begin to damage your wheels. Along with scratches, that debris can result in rubber pieces lingering in the barrels. Corrosion is always a worry for older wheels. When it’s time to upgrade, Iowa 80 has quality truck wheel accessories and wheels built to last and protect your ride, including wheel and nut covers, equalizers and traction assistance.

Aesthetic Upgrades

While the extra layer of protection, and possible fuel enhancement, of new wheels is beneficial, adding semi truck wheel accessories also presents an opportunity to add some customization and flair to your ride. From flashy chrome to sleek, black powder coating, these covers and parts make any truck stand out in the crowd. Whether going for a rugged spiked look to a more subtle flat chrome look, Iowa 80 can help you create the rig you deserve.

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