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21 mm Nut Covers

You spend a huge amount of time behind the wheel of your semi, so why not take the time to customize it to better reflect your personal style? We offer a wide range of products to achieve exactly that at Iowa 80, including semi truck 21 mm lug nut covers. These parts are small, and fit easily over the lug nuts on your tires. They’re inexpensive and offer both a dash of style and an extra layer or protection to your lug nuts on even the longest haul.

Small But Stylish

The main purpose of lug nut covers is to give your semi’s wheels just a little more personality. Whether you’re looking for cool, dangerous-looking spikes, something sleek, modern and neutral or you prefer a bright pop of color that catches eyes when you rev past, we’ve got something in stock for you in our online stock.

A Protective Layer

The chief job of 21 mm spike lug nut covers might be to enhance the look of your truck, but they also serve the secondary purpose of protecting the lug nuts beneath. They discourage oxidation, corrosion and other issues that make lug nuts less effective over time.

An Affordable Upgrade

Expressing your personality while behind the wheel doesn’t have to be expensive. The 21 mm wheel nut covers we offer are all affordable, perfect for those looking to enhance their semi on a budget.
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