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  1. Chrome ABS Complete Front & Rear Axle Cover Kit
    Cone Hubcap
    Dome Hubcap
    1.5-inch Push On
    33mm Push On
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Wheel Covers

When your ride is your career, protecting it from whatever you may encounter on the road is important. Considering that your wheels are one of the most vital elements of your truck, adding a layer of protection can offer peace of mind. Whether you want full coverage or just a little, Iowa 80 has semi wheel covers and more to fit your needs.

An Array of Options

Those looking to add some aerodynamics and enhance fuel consumption can find wheel covers for trucks that come in a variety of looks. From polished chrome to a sleek, black powder coated finish, these covers keep all the wheel parts protected from debris. People interested in adding some flash while keeping small parts lasting longer can choose from various semi truck nut covers. These are available in many different styles—including dome, spiked, flat and cone—giving you the power to add some customization.

Replacement Parts

If you already have the covers covered but need to make a few small tweaks, Iowa 80 can help. Along with complete front and rear axle sets and single nut covers, and everything in between, you can find trailer hubcap mounts, hub covers, a mounting tool and clip sets. To keep your new parts secure, we also have lock sets.

Not sure what kind of axle cover or lug nut cover you need?  Check out our Hubcap & Nut Cover Guide.

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