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  1. Mustache Shield
    Mustache Shield
    Item: 200866
    $100.99 - $123.99
    INTL 7100 1990-2001
    INTL 8100 1990-2001
    INTL 9100 1997-2001 1-piece windshield
    INTL 9200 1997-2011 1-piece windshield
    INTL 9200i 1997-2001 1-piece windshield
    INTL 9300 Eagle 1985-2000
    INTL 9400 1990-1998 split windshield
    INTL 9400 1997-2008 1-piece windshield
    INTL 9400i 1997-2008
    INTL 9900 1998-2008
    INTL 9900ix 1998-2008
    KW T803 1987 and newer
    KW W900B 1984 and newer
    Mack CH 1990-2005
    Mack CL703 1989-2007
    Mack DM600 1974-2000
    Mack R 1974-2000
    Mack Titan 2009-2014
    Mack U600 1974-2000
    Mack U602 1974-2000
    PB 330 1995-2006
    PB 375 1986-1996 Short Hood
    PB 377 1986-2001 Long Hood
    PB 377 1986-2001 SFA Short Hood
    PB 378 1986-2007 Long Hood
    PB 378 1986-2007 Short Hood
    PB 379X 2003-2007 Short Hood
    Sterling L8501 1998-2003
    Sterling L8511 1998-2003
    Sterling L8513 1998-2009
    Sterling L9501 1998-2003
    Sterling L9511 1998-2003
    Sterling L9513 1998-2009
    Sterling L9522 1998-2009
    Sterling LT7501 1998-2003
    Sterling LT8501 1998-2003
    Sterling LT8511 1998-2003
    Sterling LT8513 1998-2009
    Sterling LT9501 1998-2003
    Sterling LT9511 1998-2003
    Sterling LT9513 1998-2009
    Sterling LT9522 1998-2009
    WS 4800 1996 and newer Constellation
    WS 4900 1996 and newer Constellation
    WS 4900EX 1999 and newer
    WS 5800SS 1999 and newer
    FL Classic XL 1994-2010
    FL FLC 112 1988-1996
    FL FLD 120 1988-2011
    Ford Louisville 1996-1998
    INTL 1900 1979-1989 S Series
    INTL 2400 1978-1999 S Series
    INTL 2500 1978-1999 S Series
    INTL 2600 1978-1999 S Series
    INTL 3800 2001-2004 bus
    INTL 4600 1982-2000
    INTL 4700 1982-2000
    INTL 4800 1982-2000
    INTL 5600i 2000-2004
    INTL 5900i 2000 and newer Construction Duty
    INTL 7000 Series 2002-2005
    INTL 9900i 1998-2008
    KW T800 1987 and newer
    KW T802 1987 and newer
    KW W900L 1984 and newer
    KW W900S 1984 and newer
    PB 375 1986-1996 Long Hood
    PB 379 1986-2007 Short Hood
    Sterling L7501 1998-2003
    FL Century 1996-2010
    FL Classic 1988-2010
    INTL 3000 1982-2000
    INTL 4900 1982-2000
    PB 359 1973-2003
    PB 379 1986-2007 Ext Hood
    INTL 5500i 2000-2004
    PB 357 1986-2007 Short Hood
    INTL 1800 1979-1989 S Series
    INTL 2100 1979-1989 S Series
    INTL 2300 1978-1999 S Series
    INTL 1700 1979-1989 S Series
    INTL 2200 1978-1999 S Series
    INTL 1600 1979-1989 S Series
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Items 1-12 of 18

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Keeping your rolling office running its best is essential for safe deliveries and solidifying your role as a professional driver. As important as that is, having pride in your rig and ensuring it feels like your own is also important. No matter which brand of truck you drive, adding other semi truck accessories ensures you stand out and enjoy your personal space.

Shop Other Semi Truck Interior Accessories

The easiest way to make your cab feel homier is by giving it an upgrade with interior accessories. While some like flashy and others prefer function, Iowa 80’s selection runs the gamut to help meet your unique needs. If long hauls are common, comfort is a necessity. We carry an array of seats, steering wheels, sleeper accessories, shifter knobs and more than minimize stress on the body and allow you to comfortably relax when the time comes. Whether your rig is old or new, the latest innovations make each trip more enjoyable. From adding extra lights to upgraded gauges and radios, there are endless ways to get the most out of every trip.

Best Other Semi Truck Exterior Accessories

Interior options may be the first investment made, but exterior miscellaneous semi truck parts are an ideal way to stand out from the crowd, boost safety on the road and show off your personal style. If going for a sleek chrome look, finding what you need is easy. We carry chrome light plates, stacks, bumpers, fender trim, door trim, bug deflectors, spike nuts and much more that bring every facet of your rig together. For those looking to really show off their personal likes, character mudflaps or hood ornaments are a cost-effective way to bring your rig up to a new aesthetic level. Whether you want to brighten up the night skies with LED light bars are add functional and stylish accessories, such as step inserts or a toolbox, count on Iowa 80 for all your rig’s needs.

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