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  1. Fuel Saving Aircell Intake Spacers
    Fuel Saving Aircell Intake Spacers
    Item: 184769
    $168.99 - $216.99
    Sterling 03-07 Detroit 60 EGR
    Sterling 90-02 Detroit 60
    Sterling 93-07 Cat C12, C13, C15
    Sterling 99-02 Cummins M11
    Sterling late 07-16 Detroit 60 DD13/DD15
    Volvo 01-17 D12, D13, D16
    Volvo 02-06 Cummins ISX EGR
    Volvo 07-10 Cummins ISX
    Volvo 89-02 Detroit 60 pre-EGR
    Volvo 93-03 Cat 3406E, C12, C13, C15
    Volvo 99-02 Cummins M11
    WS 03-07 Detroit 60 EGR
    WS 03-07 Mercedes
    WS 88-02 Detroit 60
    WS 93-07 Cat C13, C15, C16
    WS 94-02 Cummins N14
    WS 99-02 Cummins M11
    WS late 07-16 Detroit 60 DD13/DD15
    Sterling 02-07 Mercedes
    KW 86-95 3406B-C 4-1/4 ID manifold
    KW 92-06 Cat C12, C13
    KW 93-05 Cat 3406E
    KW 93-07 Cat C15/16
    KW 99-02 M11, ISX Pre-EGR Cummins
    Mack 06-18 MP7, MP8
    Mack 93-08 All except MP7/MP8
    Mack 99-02 Cummins M11
    PB 03-07 Detroit 60 EGR
    PB 10-20 PACCAR MX
    PB 11-18 Cummins ISX
    PB 85-00 Cummins N14
    PB 86-94 3406B-C 3-5/8 ID manifold
    PB 86-94 3406B-C 4-1/4 ID manifold
    PB 89-03 Detroit 60 pre-EGR
    PB 91-06 Cat C12
    PB 93-10 Cat C13, C15, C16
    PB 99-02 Cummins ISX pre-EGR
    PB 99-02 Cummins M11
    PB 98-11 ISC Cummins 8.3
    Intl 08-10 Cummins ISX EGR
    Intl 10-16 MaxxForce
    Intl 10-20 PACCAR MX
    Intl 11-18 Cummins ISX
    Intl late 07-16 Detroit 60 DD13/DD15
    KW 03-07 ISX EGR Cummins
    KW 10-20 PACCAR MX
    KW 11-18 Cummins ISX
    KW 86-02 Detroit 60
    KW 86-95 3406B-C 3-5/8 ID manifold
    PB 02-07 ISX EGR Cummins
    PB 89-02 Cat 3406E
    Intl 03-07 ISX EGR Cummins
    Volvo 97-02 ISX Cummins Per-EGR, M11
    FL 99-02 Cummins M11
    Intl 03-07 Detroit 60 EGR
    Intl 99-02 ISX Pre-EGR
    Intl 99-02 Cummins M11
    Intl 95-02 Cummins N14
    Intl 95-02 DT 466 I H C
    FL 03-07 Detroit 60 EGR
    FL 11-16 Cummins ISX
    FL 90-03 Detroit 60 pre-EGR
    FL 94-02 Cat 3406E
    FL 99-02 ISX Pre-EGR
    FL late 07-16 Detroit 60 DD13/DD15
    Intl 00-10 Cat C13, C15
    Intl 90-02 Detroit 60
    KW 97-02 Cummins N14
    FL 00-03 Cat C-12, C-13
    FL 17/21 Detroit DD13, DD15, DD16
    Intl 90-02 Cat 3406E
    KW 08-10 Cat C13, C15, C16
    FL 00-09 C-15, C-16 Cat
    FL 03-08 Mercedes
    FL 98-11 ISM Cummins
    KW 00-08 ISM Cummins
    Sterling 17-21 Detroit DD13, DD15, DD16
    WS 93-01 Cat 3406E
    WS 17-21 Detroit DD13, DD15, DD16
    KW 08-10 Cummins ISX
    FL 99-16 Cummins ISB
    Intl 99-14 Cat 3126
    KW 99-17 Cummins ISB
    KW 99-14 Cat 3126
    PB 99-16 Cummins ISB
    PB 99-14 Cat 3126
    Volvo 99-14 Cummins ISB
    FL 99-14 Cat 3126
    FL 17/UP Cummins X15
    KW 17/Up Cummins X15
    PB 17/Up Cummins X15
    Sterling 17/Up Cummins X15
    WS 17/Up Cummins X15
    Intl 17/Up Cummins X15
    WS 90-06 C-12 Cat
    Volvo 11/Up Cummins X15, ISX
    Mack 17/Up Cummins X15
    FL 98-11 ISC Cummins
    Intl 98-11 ISC Cummins
    KW 98-11 ISC Cummins
    Sterling 98-11 ISC Cummins
    FL late 07-10 ISX
    FL 90-02 Cummins N14
    Intl 98/Up Detroit 12.7 60 Series (Glider Kit)
    FL 98/Up Detroit 12.7 60 Series (Glider Kit)
    KW 98/Up Detroit 12.7 60 Series (Glider Kit)
    PB 98/Up Detroit 12.7 60 Series (Glider Kit)
    Sterling 98/Up Detroit 12.7 60 Series (Glider Kit)
    WS 98/Up Detroit 12.7 60 Series (Glider Kit)
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When you put your faith in a Kenworth, you know you have more than 90 years of expertise and innovation keeping you safely and smoothly rolling down the road. As good as your rig may be, long days and nights on the right are made a little easier with customization. If now is the time to explore options for kenworth truck accessories, count on Iowa 80 to have an array of options to make every ride feel more like home.

Shop Kenworth Interior Accessories

With the knowledge that every truck driver is different, having choices is essential. Ensuring narrowing down the selections isn’t a hassle is also imperative. Whether you know exactly what you want or are just exploring ways to give your interior a more personal feel, we strive to make it an easy and enjoyable journey. From essential replacements, such as new gauges or a horn button, to comfort enhancements, such as a new adjustable seat with lumbar support, count on Iowa 80 to give the inside of your cab a custom feel. Even simple additions like additional lights, a flashy knob, floor mats with logos or an upgraded radio system help make your rig truly your own.

Best Kenworth Semi Truck Parts

Along with the best kenworth semi truck parts for the interior, we also want everything on the exterior to stand out on the road. Adding a little flash puts some envy in others and ensures your rig looks sleek and professional. Regardless if it is old or new, finding ways to beef it up is easier than ever. Drivers who like to light up the night can choose from an array of lights in different shapes, sizes and colors. For those looking to add more chrome, upgrading bumpers, fender guards or bug shields provides the right aesthetic with added function. If the situation is less about customization and more about keeping your rig running its best, we also carry the necessities from brackets and clamps to efficient air cleaners and exhaust caps.

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