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The wear and tear of road life can lower the value of a truck or trailer and weaken the safety and durability of the vehicle and accessories. When you are putting miles on your vehicle, you need assurances of durability and quality. Our Hogebuilt products are recognized among the trucking industry as premium finishes compatible with all major truck manufacturers.

Guaranteeing Safety for You and Others

The fenders on a truck are an important safety feature, protecting both you as a driver and other operators on the road. Semi-trucks carry a lot of weight, putting incredible amounts of pressure on the tires and roadway. The force of the tire upon the roadway can cause small debris, like rocks or hardened clumps of mud, to get caught up in the tire treads. As the wheels spin, they act as a slingshot for the debris, sending it into the windshield of an oncoming driver or up toward your own cab.

All road spray, whether rocks, dirt or water, are dangerous to all motorists. Sturdy fenders provide a barrier between anything lodged in your tires and the outside environment. The potential hazards found in the tread are neutralized with a stainless steel low rider or full fender. Fenders will fit most models and makes, though a mounting bracket may need to be selected to suit a particular truck. Of the many Hogebuilt truck parts, the 14 Gauge Stainless Steel Lower Rider Tandem Full Fender is regarded as being the largest side flange in the industry.

Giving Your Truck a Makeover

You want to look good when driving down the road, as there is nothing more impressive than a semi-truck that glistens in the sunlight. Metal fenders will provide a high-end appearance that doesn’t sacrifice on reliability or durability. Stainless steel fenders and mounting brackets offer corrosion resistance, but they also offer a way to personalize your vehicle. Give your semi a sleek mirror shine finish with the Hogebuilt 304 Stainless Steel 11 Gauge Perfect Mirror Finish Flush Mount Fender Brackets. These eye-catching additions are as practical as they are stunning.

Getting What You Want

The stainless steel products we carry provide more durability against warping and denting, and in the event a fender needs to be repaired, stainless steel is more easily welded than aluminum or other material options. These high quality and equally high-value parts can give your semi a new look and improved safety without adding much more weight to the unit. Here at Iowa 80, we are ready to help you take your truck to the next level with a complete line of Hogebuilt accessories.

Freightliner Truck Parts & Freightliner Accessories

Shop Freightliner Truck Parts & Accessories at Iowa 80

Freightliner trucks set industry standards in efficiency, fuel economy and reliability. You depend on yours to get the job done, no matter how far it takes you. Comfort. performance and dependability all are key to getting the most out of your semi. That's why Iowa80 stocks a large inventory of Freightliner truck parts and accessories. We also offer the best prices, making it easy for any driver or owner-operator to equip and save. 

Shop Freightliner Interior Accessories  

You spend almost your entire days inside your Freightliner’s cabin. Why shouldn’t you enjoy the best in comfort, style and functionality? With our selection of interior accessories, you have everything you need to get to your destinations. We stock critical parts like AC and heater knobs, steering wheels, gauges, lighting, radios, seating and more. And don’t forget about other important extras like speakers, Bluetooth audio components and wiring.  

Best Freightliner Exterior Accessories 

Iowa80 carries everything you need for the inside of your Freightliner. But we also have a huge selection of exterior parts and accessories. You already know us as The Place for Chrome, and our gear blends style with substance – everything from grills, trim and emblems to turn signals, mirrors and mudflaps. Our inventory consists of high-quality products from brands you know and trust such as Lincoln Chrome, Delphi, Valley Chrome, Roadworks and Dynaflex. With our exterior accessories, your Freightliner turns heads for all the right reasons. 

Your Source for Freightliner Accessories 

Sure, Iowa80 has the most extensive inventory of Freightliner accessories. While you’re here, don’t forget about the rest of our gear. Check out our electronics section with antennas, CB radios, dash mounts, GPS devices, entertainment systems, refrigerators, coolers and more from Panasonic, Steelie, Ram Mount and other top-rated manufacturers. Not to mention, there’s our famous chrome selection -- from pipes and adapters to clamps and brackets, we’ve got the gear to give your semi the high-impact style you crave.  


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