VorBlade Trailer Wing System w/Crosswind Mitigator

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VorBlade Trailer Wing System w/Crosswind Mitigator

Item Number:  244878

Price: $821.99

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Worried about CARB compliance? VorBlade Wing System is the way to go. It meets the CARB minimum 5% requirement for both dry van and reefers trailers. No trailer skirts or any supplemental devices are necessary for full compliance. No maintenance or driver interactions required. VorBlade Wing System with Crosswind Mitigator Subsystem offers over 7% in fuel savings, over 50% of increase in aerodynamic stability and over 60% of crosswind detrimental effects compensating. Hard to break, but easy to install. Average installation time of 1 hour with 2 people. Installation kit included. Lightweight, only 55 lbs total. Falls under DOT over width/over length exclusion 23 CFR 658.16.