Vel-Rays Arromatic Scents Floral Bouquet 4 oz.

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Vel-Ray's Arromatic Scents Floral Bouquet 4 oz.

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Price: $7.99

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Freshen up show trucks and daily drivers alike with Vel-Ray's liquid air freshener. To use, simply wet a cloth or paper towel with the product, then wipe it over interior surfaces to distribute the scent. You can also sprinkle it directly onto carpet or leave a towel with the product on it under the seat for long lasting scent.
This multi-purpose deodorizer can also be used to mop floors, clean tile and add scent wherever needed.
Contains isopropyl alcohol, do not use near heat or flame.
Made in the USA.
Floral Boquet scent, 4 oz. bottle.
Sold individually.