The Drift Mattress with Drivers Edge

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The Drift Mattress with Driver's Edge

Item Number:  335964

Price: $584.99 - $584.99


Designed specifically for over-the-road drivers, The Drift™ is the only truck mattress to include Driver's Edge™. This patented technology allows a driver to sit on the a stable, comfortable edge without buckling. Proven 26% more durable than foam. Combines the cooling pressure relief of gel memory foam with the durable support and comfort of a dynamic, fabric-wrapped support system.
  • 10" thick
  • Easy to transport, install, and use
  • Designed and built in the USA
  • Made to last, 10 year warranty

    How to set up:
    Remove from the box and place the rolled mattress into your sleeper. TIP: Place the open end of the box on the floor and lift up.
    Carefully pull the loose ends to unwrap the outer plastic. Unroll the mattress.
    Position the mattress flat over the sleeping area. Carefully cut the inner liner bag with a pair of scissors. Be sure to avoid cutting the mattress upholstery. You will hear a rush of air as the mattress expands. Remove the inner plastic bag. After one hour, your new mattress will be fully decompressed and ready to enjoy.