Steelie Tablet Pedestal Kit

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Steelie Tablet Pedestal Kit

Item Number:  254786

Price: $44.99

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The Steelie Pedestal Kit is simple, versatile, and infinitely convenient. Its clean design and strong magnetic composition makes it easy to dock and re-dock your tablet on any smooth, flat surface. Stand is a machined aluminum podium that fits tightly into a durable plastic base with silicone grips to create a stable platform. At the top of the stand is a steel ball which magnetically attaches to the socket. Socket attaches to your tablet or its rigid case with 3M VHB adhesive foam tape. Pedestal kit gives your tablet a smooth glide and a firm grip so you can easily rotate the device from landscape to portrait position and it stays that way until you turn it again.

NOTE: Steelie Socket contains a strong magnet which does NOT damage your tablet or phone, however, do not place near magnetically sensitive objects such as credit cards, pacemakers, or computer hard drives.