Rebel Annihilator Surface Disinfectant Spray 16 oz

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Rebel Annihilator Surface Disinfectant Spray 16 oz

Item Number:  367290

Price: $14.99

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Stay healthy, stay clean, stay safe. Rebel Annihilator is a surface disinfectant that meets and exceeds CDC guidelines. The Center for Disease Control recommends a 60% concentration of isopropyl alcohol for use in killing germs and viruses. Annihilator Surface disinfectant is formulated with a 70% alcohol concentration.

Citrus-scented solution suitable for use on many surfaces including steering wheel, shifter knob, door handles, and armrests. Safely sanitize electronics like headsets and radios. Can also be used as a household cleaner when sanitizing hard surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, countertops, desk, and bathroom areas.

Spray onto surface and let air dry to fully sanitize and disinfect. 16 oz. spray bottle.